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Finding Bigfoot

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I say :

" Keeping the Bigfoot hoax alive "

You forgot to make a notation to include Tia's backyard near the bush in the Blue Mountains of Australia. :blush: On a continent where this hoaxed creature was named Yowie by the Aborigines thousands of years ago.

Google........Yowie cryptozoology

In season two of Finding Bigfoot maybe the crew will search down under near the Blue Mountains. A season two will be iffy anyway since the BFRO team is miffed at the Animal Planet for editing errors, adding louder BF calls, and taking things out of context via video tricks. :wacko: Before the team left to tour the country they knew the probable outcome just as well as we did. ;)

Check Loren Coleman's Cryptomundo for those ill feelings about the AP story.

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Just realize that the BFRO has gone the way of GhostHunters. They started out with good intentions, realized that they were chasing shadows, kinda got bummed out, then found a way to make themselves some money. Entertainment, pure and simple.

Quite right. All "reality" shows are staged for entertainment value. Most mysterious events are set up by the crew. If they get caught by the "investigators" they just edit it out of the show. This goes for all the ghostie shows and obviously for this show as well. Any bets on how many times a camera man showed up as a thermal image squatch? Any bets on how many times a producer screamed or yelled from 100 yards off? There is a lot of pressure to have an end product and if nothing is happening they WILL invent stuff and hide it from the cast so as to get a real reaction from them. This is all just my opinion but it comes from a friend who was on a show and from all of the frauds caught on video in the ghost shows I've seen. But, hey, that's what TV is all about.

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