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A British farmer has been shot dead by gunmen in Kenya's Rift Valley.

The farmer was attacked at his home in Naivasha near Nairobi on Tuesday night and stole items from his car.

Police said there was no apparent link to a land dispute involving Masai tribesmen and European farmers.

Police said they were treating the incident as robbery.

The killing was the first of a European farmer in Kenya since January 2004, when elderly Scottish farmer Charles Stonewigg was slashed to death by intruders at his farm near Gilgil, also in the Rift Valley.

Masai tribesmen this month launched a campaign of demonstrations and farm invasions to back demands for the return of ancestral Masai land they said was taken from them under British colonial rule.

The Kenyan government opposes the tribesmen's campaign and says they have no grounds for demanding return of the land in the Laikipia district.


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