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Ernest Norman

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Ernest Norman is an author of many new age books including "The Voice of Venus" and "Infinite Contact"

He also has a "cult" called Unarius in which the concepts he claims to adhere by are really no different than most eastern religions.

In one of his books, "The Voice of Venus" he claims the planet has an active civilization BUT it is, conveniently enough, in another dimension.

In another book called "Infinite Contact" he claims to be channeling the spirits of many philosophers.

Not only this but he also seems to have believed (he is dead now) that he was Jesus in a past life and is the incarnation of the archangel Raphiel.

His wife, Ruth, took over the cult after Norman had died and presents herself to the students dressed as some weirded out fairy godmother.

Anyways..anyone ever read his books? My dad seems to fall for Mr. Normans tall tales hook-line and sinker.

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