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The Hall Of Mirrors


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The Hall Of Mirrors


I'm in a hall of mirrors

All I see is endless me

Stretching to infinity

These endless me's I see

Do I see immediate future

Or is it the recent past

Maybe it's just the present

How long do moments last

The faces I've seen before

But are they really me

Or is it just a joke

Played by reality

I see what they are thinking

Or is that only me

Their contemplative stares

Echo to eternity

If I look a little harder

Are they really all the same

Maybe one is different

In their never ending game

They follow my every move

Like ripples on a lake

With split second timing

It's hard to spot a fake

What is it that I'm seeing

Among these clones of me

Is it me who's the reflection

And it's endless me's they see

© Arcana

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

Another great poem from you Arcana :tu:

You've got me thinking, do we see ourselves the way others see us? I wonder....who knows :)

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One of my scariest nightmares would be to see dozens of reflections of me!! Ugh.

Great thought provoking poem.

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Thank you very much for your kind comments & encouragement SW & Misty. :):tu:

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