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Vote Jedi!!


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Who knows whether this is true but lets do it anyway...and forward to as many as you can...

As some of you may know there is a census coming around on August the 7th [in the United Kingdom].

For those who don't know, a census is where the government collates general information about its residents (number of people living in your house,religion, etc)

If there are enough people, who put down a religion that isn't mentioned on the census form it becomes a fully recognised and legal religion.

It usually takes about 10,000 people to nominate the same religion.

It is for this reason that it has been suggested that anyone who does not have a dominant religion to put "Jedi" as their religion.

Send this on to all your friends and tell them to put down "Jedi" on their census form.

And remember .....If you are a member of the Jedi religion then you are by default a 'Jedi Knight'. So if this has been your dream since you were 4 years old.... Do it because you love Star Wars, If not........... then just do it to annoy people.

"May the Force be with you!"

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