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develop psychic abilities

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So goes the claim. So it has gone, for hundreds of years.

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Additional information on Siddhis from a different source. There may be some repetition. Prapti is the Siddhi most likely to elicit different interpretations.

Minor Siddhis (some are common to major and minor siddhis)

1.ability to apprehend Siddhas.

2.absence of passion or Raga.

3.acquisition of desired objects.


5. clairaudience.

6 clairvoyance.

7.control of mind.

8.Death upon demand

9.destroy diseases and miseries and control desires.

10.divining a hidden treasure

11.jump like a frog.

12.Karmic dissolution by multiple births in multiple bodies in one lifetime.

13.knowledge of his past life.

14.Knowledge of past, present and future.

15.knowledge of stars and planets.


17.mastery of the elements and Prana.

18. metamorphosis.

19. migration and animation of a dead body and transplanting his soul, migration into another living body

20.move to any place of his liking.

21.omnipotence and omniscience.


23.sporting with the gods.

24. tolerance of heat and cold.

25. tolerance of hunger and thirst.

26.transcend dualities like pain and pleasure.


28.touch distant objects.

29.predict future.

30.conversant with animal talk.

psychic abilities we can develop through meditations, Yoga, tantra............

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