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BREAKING NEWS: Attackers seize Russian school


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BTW, is it true that in Belfast, Israeli flags are flown side by side the union jack by protestants, while the PLO falgs are flown side by side the seperatists flags of the catholics?

As you can see its unfortunatley true.

Erikl i should warn you the type of people who are flying that israeli flag are no better than the republicans BTW they are scum as well.

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As you can see its unfortunatley true.

Erikl i should warn you the type of people who are flying that israeli flag are no better than the republicans BTW they are scum as well.

Yes I understand that... it's unfortunate how people use symbols from our conflict in conflicts which have no connection nor similiarity what-so-ever disgust.gif

Edited by Erikl
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fmorrow6...keep that open mind. original.gif

And go back to the thread entitled, "French Seized In Iraq" p.5 and 6 should tell you what you need to know about the dynamics here. Wun has put words in my mouth as he has done you and also panther on these pages. I'm sure it isn't just a personal thing, he probably just does this.

Here we go again, wun, you saying things that people didn't say and building a case on it.

Edited by Babs
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Beslan children return to school

Schools in the Russian town of Beslan reopened on Wednesday, two weeks after more than 1,000 people were taken hostage on the first day of term.

Hundreds died, including many children, when the siege ended two days later.

The schools were checked by soldiers and by local police before they re-opened, to make sure there were no signs of explosives or weapons.

Security was tight as lessons resumed. Law enforcement officials armed with Kalashnikovs stood guard outside gates.

For the students who attended classes, the day began with a minute's silence in memory of those who died in School Number One.

But many parents in Beslan kept their children home, still too frightened to send them to school after the tragedy which this town has suffered.

Local officials say many children in Beslan remain in a state of shock.

At least 320 people died when the siege at school Number One ended in explosions and gunfire earlier this month.

For those hostages who escaped alive, there were no classes on Wednesday.

Hundreds of survivors remain in hospital. Others have been sent on holidays to the Black Sea to help recover from their ordeal.


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Erikl i should warn you the type of people who are flying that israeli flag are no better than the republicans BTW they are scum as well.

Why is it that liberals always resort to name calling? blink.gif

Can't you reflect your opinion without bashing an entire group of people that number in the millions? Sounds a bit like the same 'racist' mentality that you say you hate so much. ph34r.gif

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Oh, I didn't know the R in IRA stood for republicans.

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LOL oh my god joc are you serious.

You didnt even know what the letters in the IRA stood for yet you attempt to lecture me on it lol.

I would have thought you wouldve at least known that.

BTW could you please edit your comment on me being a racist because of your mistake?

Edited by wunarmdscissor
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babs, i think that's just the way he is. He's obviously been through some horrible times in his country so i probably can't blame him.

It seems that no matter what the subject, he always takes it back to the IRA. I know that there are a lot of problems in a lot of different countries, but he seems to be on the defensive all the time and ready to jump down the throats of all who speak their mind.

Not everything relates to the IRA. Just because horrible things happened doesn't give him the right to denounce everyone else's tragedies. To me, a terrorist attack=terrorist attack. They're all horrible, whether it kills 3,000 (9/11), 4,000 (IRA), 350 (Russia), or 47 (car bomb, moscow), or just 1. and i don't think it serves anyone well to say that one tragedy is worse than another. Nobody should have the right to take away anyone's life because they believe something different. Also, he needs to understand that the IRA is fighting within their own country for both land and religious reasons. I think the one of the reasons Americans got so p***ed about 9/11, is because people, and i use the term loosely, flew half way across the world to bomb a country, all civilians, that they have nothing to do with. They hate us for our freedoms. That's it. They don't want our land, they don't want us to become muslims. They just hate us because they do.

all terrorists need to be faught, the IRA, the islamic fundamentalists, and any other terrorist who thinks its okay to bomb a civilian building, or starve kids for 3 days befor killing them.

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erm where did i denounce anything????

It wasnt me who was doing that lol.

As for jumping down people's throat. Youve got a lot to learn about this forum.

Ill let you make your own opinions up in the coming times. youll see the difference between me an babs lol

Just dont believe everything she says about me lol.

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don't worry, i make my own opinions.

You just seem to get very angry very quickly. Maybe i'm wrong, and i'm misreading your tone. It doesn't really matter, we're all here just to state our own opinions. just take every comment with a grain of salt.

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OH BTW just to clear the IRA consisted mainly of southern Irish IE: the republic of ireland. Which is a different country to Britain so they are outsiders coming accross into my country.

The war on terror IE: war against islam fanatacism is religious, of course it is and we shouldnt forget that, your right they hate us just because as did the IRA us, but its still all down to religion.

Wouldnt you get annoyed if you were being lectured to about Terrorsim and in particulour a type that affects you only to find out that the person who is lecturing you didnt even know what the title of one of the most Infamous terror groups on the planet stands for.

Wouldnt that kinda thing p*** you off?

Ofcourse im gonna get angry.

Edited by wunarmdscissor
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Yes, it would p*** me off. But I don't see anyone lecturing you. I agree that people shouldn't speak unless that at least have some knowledge of what they are speaking of.

Another difference, is that before 9/11, nobody had ever heard of al queada, or any other terrorist groups targeting us. We didn't know anyone was out to get us. We didn't know we were thought of as anyone's equivolent to Satan. Befor 9/11 it was like "osama bin who?, "al-que-what?" so we didn't have a clue. It was a real rude awakening for us.

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fmorrow6....Wun does get angry easily and takes offence. I remember one time he cussed me in Scottish for something. He's trying to make me a villainess, now. I think it is best to tune him out when he isn't making sense. original.gif

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Babs, Wun, enough already.

Stick to the topic at hand and stop with the sniping.

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Erikl i should warn you the type of people who are flying that israeli flag are no better than the republicans BTW

Why is it that liberals always resort to name calling?


Wun is not name calling. The IRA stands for Irish Republican Army.

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I think it is best to tune him out when he isn't making sense.

I need to defend Wun here because he is correct and is making sense with the topic of terrorism in Britain due to the IRA and has an understanding and knowledge of events past and present. I could not of written any better what he has written about the IRA.

ftomorrow6, Wun does appear angry in his posts at times. I think he is passionate about his views and this does sometimes come across and anger fuelled. We in Britain, as you are well aware now, have been subjected to terrorism for a very long time. The UK have, not so much now, lived in fear for many years from threats from the IRA, as you in the US are doing now.

I have nothing but compassion for you guys out in the US. Having met people who knew people and friend and family who died in 9/11 and seeing how badly they have dealt with it all, makes me very unhappy. Terrorism is very disheartening and incredibly unnerving and unsettling to live with.. It is on a global scale and everyone in some form or another has now been affected by terrorists. As I have said in many other posts terrorism cannot be categorised. It is what it is, Terror, bloodshed and MURDER of innocent civilians. 9/11 and Beslan are incredibly tragic and sad examples of how quickly these terrorists can wipe out innocent lives in a matter of seconds on a massive scale.

Lets just hope that this will never happen again.

Edited by Lottie
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Beslan Rogues Gallery Published

A Russian newspaper has published grisly photos of 30 corpses it says were militants who took around 1,200 people hostage at a school in Beslan.

Many of the faces in the photos, shown in the business daily Kommersant, were badly burned or mutilated.

Russian officials say 14 of the 30 have been identified, but Kommersant said not all of these were 100% certain.

At least 339 people died and more than 700 wounded as the siege ended in bloodshed nearly two weeks ago.

Publication of the photos coincided with the reopening of schools in Beslan for the first time since the tragedy amid high security.

Badly disfigured

The newspaper's printed version showed three rows of photos, accompanying an article on the identities of the militants.

Some of the faces were almost completely devoid of human features.

Officials say there were 32 hostage-takers altogether, but one suspect was arrested and the body of another was so badly disfigured as to be unidentifiable.

The captured man, Nur-Pashi Kulayev, has been able to identify only three other militants - his brother Khanpasha, and his fellow villagers Arsen Merzhoyev and Mairbek Shaybekkhanov.

Vladimir Khodov, a half-North Ossetian half-Ukrainian Muslim, has also been identified for certain by his fingerprints.

But Kommersant said there were problems with the fingerprinting of some of the other suspected militants, four of whose hands were too badly damaged to be tested.

In one case the prints of two suspects were mixed up, and many prints produced no matches when checked against police records.

This was the case with the corpse thought to be that of suspected ringleader Magomet Yevloyev, Kommersant said.

No relatives have come to identify the body, so it seems Yevloyev's participation in the hostage-taking may never be confirmed.

There is still doubt about the identity of another suspected ringleader, known as the Colonel and thought to be an Ingush by the name of Ruslan Khachubarov.

Khachubarov's body has not been found among the dead militants.


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Russia Rejects Powell Criticism


Russia has rejected criticism from the United States that reforms designed to overhaul national security could undermine democratic development.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the new measures were a domestic matter which should not concern the US.

US Secretary of State Colin Powell said on Tuesday that Russia was in effect pulling back from democratic reforms.

The European Union's Chris Patten has backed Mr Powell's remarks, urging respect for human rights and democracy.

We, for our part, do not comment on the US system of presidential elections, for instance

Sergei Lavrov

Russian foreign minister

Mr Patten, the EU's external relations commissioner, made his remarks in a speech to the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Wednesday.

"I hope... that the government of the Russian Federation will not conclude that the only answer to terrorism is to increase the power of the Kremlin," he said.

A day earlier Mr Powell said that he wanted to discuss the measures with Moscow.

'Strict measures'

On Monday Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a sweeping overhaul of the way Russia is run, in the wake of a series of bombings and deadly attacks on civilians.

Mr Putin said strengthening central government control was a necessary part of the fight against terrorism, following the siege of a school in Beslan, southern Russia, in which hundreds of people died.

Speaking to reporters at a meeting of former Soviet states in Kazakhstan, Mr Lavrov said Washington had no right to impose its own model of democracy on others.

The reforms were, he said, being applied within the framework of the Russian constitution and he pointed to the "strict measures" introduced by the US after the 11 September 2001 terror attacks.

"We, for our part, do not comment on the US system of presidential elections, for instance," he added.

Mr Powell told Reuters news agency that Moscow should balance the need to go after terrorists with a commitment to the democratic process.

"It would be not the best course of action to move in a direction which [would] be seen by the international community as moving toward the rear with respect to democratic reforms," he said.

State department spokesman Richard Boucher had also urged Russia to "strike the right balance", while expressing Washington's solidarity with Moscow in the fight against terrorism.

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I find dis rilli stupid. Wats the point of killing ppl wen it doesnt get u n e thing??? Killing children, dats more stupid... Heh reminds of this uncle killed his nephew cuz he was better at computer games than him. cat.gif

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Lottie, I wasn't talking about the IRA. I have never talked about the IRA. Wun says this stuff all the time. blink.gif I remember when joc explained to him that I was talking about international terrorism_911 and everything 'after' 911. I am always talking about post 911... and I have made that very clear.

And with that_ I am not going to answer wun's wild accusations anymore.

Now back to topic. original.gif

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babs international terrorism and the IRA are linked there is no difference.

Cant you see that??

the people who killed all those poor people in beslan are the same as the people who killed all those poor people on omagh are the same who killed all those poor people on 9/11 are the same who killed all those people in magaluf are the same who killed all those poor people in jerusalem.

its all the same.

Erm since scottish isnt even a language , please dont lie that ive "cussed" ina a language that doesnt exist. I very rarely outright namecall and im pretty sure ive never namecalled you really.

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And he has every right, and should be passionate about whats going on in his country, as i am about mine. I just think he's hypocritical. He gets angry because he says someone at some point said "he doesn't know what it's like", well, I get angry when he acts like we don't know what it's like. Maybe we didn't befor, but we do now. It's very sad that anyone should know what it's like.....

I wish to God that I could say that I don't know what it's like. My Uncle Greg was in Tower #1, so it did effect me personally. I would be more than happy, ecstatic even, if i could say i don't know what it's like. I would scream it from the rooftops!!!!

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