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An interesting account Monster of Benbrook Lake

January 2006 Page 5

Monster of Benbrook Lake

by Jack Lean

Benbrook Lake is a small body of water on the southwest side of Fort Worth, Texas. The lake was created by the Army Corp of Engineers as a flood control reservoir in the mid-1900s, and although it is used for fishing and water sports, the lake is only crowded April through June because summers in Fort Worth are usually long and dry, with 100-degree days lasting well into September. The heat takes it toll on lake visitors and generally accounts for diminished usage during the late summer, especially with the 2005 drought that dropped the lake level by eleven feet.

The heat brings all manner of animal to the water at sunset... deer, armadillo, fox, raccoon and possums all frequent the dark, green pool, but I'm not exactly sure what I saw there in the waning glow of dusk on October 20, 2005.

I had arrived at Holiday Park on the lake's western shore around 6:15 in the early evening, but the thermometer still registered in the 90s. There wasn't another soul in view except for a lone hobbyist flying his radio controlled airplane at the Thunderbird's RC park some 200 yards away. I fanned out my blanket and settled down to stretch in preparation for my daily swim. The low water level discouraged boats and made my swims more secluded and enjoyable than ever. The drought had also moved the shoreline far away from the original bank, and as I walked across the dried clay that once formed the lakeshore, I marveled at the variety of footprints stamped in the brown sand. You could see the imprints of bird, deer and the occasional mix of human with dog.

I happened across a set of large, strange tracks that led into the water where I routinely swam. Although unusually large, I attributed the tracks to a pair of Great Danes that I had seen running with their owner earlier in the month. The depth and structure of the prints also caught my eye, but the heat and my desire to feel the water drew me away. Let me just say that "you should never swim alone," and not merely for the reason that soon confirmed my foolhardiness. My swim was routine – 30 to 40 minutes of strenuous kicking along the shoreline until my departure point was a quarter mile behind me. As I struggled out of the gooey clay in the shallow water, I lost one of my aqua-shoes in the mire. Luckily, I used my right foot to locate the shoe and continued my trudge out of the water as I removed my earplugs.

As the sounds of the lake began to filter into my awareness, I heard someone trudging through the underbrush and reeds that fronted a small patch of woods to my right which separated me from the point on the shoreline where I went into the water. I don't recall looking in the direction of the sound. It never registered that there were no other vehicles or evidence of swimmers nearby. I walked slowly back to my blanket and collapsed to soak up the heat. I planned to rest a few minutes before undertaking a bike ride along the western lakeshore.

As I rolled onto my left side, I saw it. I say it because I don't really know what "it" was. It had dark fur and was large... perhaps seven of eight feet tall. It was pushing through a stand of reeds about 200 yards from me. The reeds came up to my chest, but only reached the animal's waist. It appeared to walk upright, grunting in a belabored manner. The animal had turned away from me so I could not make out any facial details. I wheeled about to see if there was anyone within earshot, but the lake was deserted now. I can’t describe my fear, but the "hairs on my neck stood up" is no cliche. I quietly and quickly collected my stuff and strode back to my truck for safety. I sat quietly and watched the animal disappear into the woods.

I was shaking. Several minutes passed before I cranked the truck and headed home, primarily because I was afraid I would see the creature along the winding lake road that lead out of Holiday Park. As I said, I’m not sure what I saw. While I’m an avid sci-fi and horror fan, I read most accounts about paranormal phenomenon with healthy skepticism. I encourage the same skepticism towards my experience. I returned to the site two days later and found sufficient evidence that something large did move about the reeds. It appeared as thought something large had nested there. I don’t know what I encountered, but I still swim and bike at Benbrook. Perhaps, someone will corroborate what I saw.

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Recently posted, Werewolf sightings/encounters

My step dad lived in Virginia when he was around the age of 8, right on the edge of "The Great Dismal Swamp" and according to him, he was in bed and happened to look out the window, he says he guesses it was a cloudless night or the sky was bright(however he never thought until recently as to whether the moon was shining or not) and saw a beast looking right into his window at him, he said he could see spittle running down it's face & it's eyes were looking straight at him. It was supposedly standing on it's hindlegs and had cream, red & brown colored matted fur and a face almost like a wolf, but other than the snout, very human, jaw bones were high, the structure around the eyes and the eyes itself were human-esq, coloring of eyes he believes were yellow. The reason I think this is interesting and possibly valid, is because The Great Dismal Swamp is a huge amount of territory, hardly touched by humans, and only in recent years have people turned to study it's inhabitance, the grounds are wet and mossy and absorb sound, and people have been known to wander in to it & never return... who knows what could be lurking in the unknown... chills my bones.

edit; I forgot to mention that he crawled out of bed & went straight to his Mother's room, and in the morning when they looked around the house, all the windows had ground that was stirred up and grass yanked out, and there were actual scratches in the wood under his window and paint missing, however as far as they could see, no discernable footprints were seen to the average human eye.

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Recently posted; I saw a werewolf creature?

Once, my friend and I were in the woods. We were walking out of the woods. I turned around and saw a creature as big as Bigfoot that kind of looked like a wolf. I pointed at it and screamed. My friend screamed. We ran as fast as we could away from it and it was chasing us. What could that have been?
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Recently posted; Werewolf sightings/encounters

I've been coming to this site for a few years but just now finally decided to register. Yeah, i'm a procrastinator.

Anyway, I had an encounter with "something" on the way home from work one night. I'm not saying it was a werewolf for sure. I'm probably leaning more towards a Bigfoot. Whatever it was definitely wasn't a regular animal though.

I live in northern Ohio. And this happened sometime in the spring/summer of 2010. I was on afternoon shift (2pm -10:30pm) where I worked. I decided to work over a few hours that night so I didn't leave until around 1am or so. My drive home is about 30 min from my work place seeing as how they are in seperate towns. And I have to take a country type road home. So there's lots of fields and woods along the way with a few houses here and there. I was driving north on Interstate 98. Of course the night had to have some typical spooky weather to go along with this encounter. It was slightly foggy out in places( not a thick fog) and also lightly raining. I was about three fourths of the way home when something suddenly darted out directly in front of my car from the left side of the road. My first instinct was it was a deer. I've driven this same road for years and am always cautious of them because i've had them run out in front of me before. I was driving about 45 to 50 mph and had to slam on the brakes and veer hard into the oncoming lane to avoid hitting this thing. If I hadn't I would have hit it head on. As i'm doing this I realize that this is not a deer. Whatever this was it had long dark brown or black hair. You could see that it was wet from the rain as it was laying against its body. And it was big. It's arms and legs were long and thick and kind of gangly. Not like a regular animals at all but more like a persons. And I can't be sure if it was either on all fours or only running on its back legs while bent over at the waist. It honestly looked like it was bent over to me. And it looked like it's back legs were like a humans legs and not an animals. But I can't swear to that. I unfortunately did not get a good look at the creatures head or face. I'm fairly sure this was not a dog or a bear or any of those type of animals either. We don't have bears in this area. Plus it wasn't shaped like one. And also as I said this thing was big. So that rules out a dog or coyote or anything. I'm 6' tall myself. However it was running, either bent over or on all fours, this creature was well over the hood of the car. It appeared to me that if it stood upright it would have been at least as tall as myself if not taller. So anyway, I barely managed to avoid hitting it head on and it continued running across the road. I didn't have to come to a complete stop but close to it. There was an intersection just a few hundred feet from this encounter so I turned around and went back to look for it. I stopped the car in the road where this happened at but didn't get out of it. I didn't see the creature anywhere. The place where it ran across in front of me would have had it coming from a field on the left side of the road and it would have ran down through a ditch and up an embankment on the right side of the road and then through someones yard. There were a couple houses on the right side of the road. Behind their houses was just more fields or woods. So i'm assuming that is where it headed.

What I regret not doing is going back the next day and looking for footprints or any other type of evidence. I was stupid for not doing that and taking more care of documenting the exact date and time and so forth.

There have been Bigfoot sightings around this area before. Either in the late seventies or early eighties there were sightings and footprints found of the "Muck Monster". It was called the Muck Monster because the area these sightings took place in is called "The Muck". It's actual name is celeryville. It's a really fertile area to grow vegetation and crops. So that is what they do there. There are about four or five farms that grow crops in that area. They are mostly worked by migrant workers. A guy I used to work with at a different job a few years back had told me that his fathers hunting buddy ran across some footprints while out hunting in that area at the time the sightings were happening.

So i'm not sure what I saw was a werewolf if such things exist. There has been a lot of eye witness acounts of people seeing wolf creatures though so it's possible. But i'm leaning more towards Bigfoot since it's had a history in this area.

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Just posted: Mysterious Figure in South Dakota

Okay, so I live in Spearfish, South Dakota with my fiance.

Everyday when he works, (he works at a restaurant) I sit next to the window at his work and write on my laptop.

Across the street from the restaurant is the main highway, and right across the highway is a large cliff side/set of hills. I will usually look off into the cliff/hillside and space out, usually to think to myself and gain inspiration for my writing. A few weeks ago, after the snow was melted to the point where I could see only the red soil and dry grass covering a majority of the hill, I took a pause from my writing and looked out the window.

That's when I saw something moving. On two legs.

Only, it wasn't walking... More like, gliding.

In the time it would take four or five cars to pass the main street, this thing had cleared almost the entire hillside, and started disappearing into view.

Whatever it was, wasn't in the shape of any human I've ever seen.

It was some sort of huge figure/creature, pitch black from head to toe, its body was textured like it had fur, and probably about 8-9 feet tall.

When I first saw how fast it was moving, before I thoroughly observed it, I thought it was, maybe, someone riding a horse. Since it was bipedal, I thought it was someone on a horse, but something was obstructing the horse from underneath the person, like a hill in the way to where I couldn't see it.

But it couldn't have been that because I noticed it was moving both of its legs.

I didn't believe what I was seeing at first. I didn't know what to do or say. I was left completely speechless.

I sat there and tried to come up with every logical explanation I could think of as to what it could have been without jumping to conclusions on what it could be, and I couldn't figure it out.

I looked around the restaurant several times to see if anyone else noticed this thing like I did, and no one was paying any attention, so I tried to take a video with my phone. The zoom on the video camera function could only go so far without distorting the footage, and decided it wasn't even worth it.

I was at a lost for words, and evidence, but I could swear to you, that was one of the craziest, and most unexplained things, I could say I have seen.

If this was some sort of bigfoot, how could it have seemed to be gliding over the hillside?

It looked like it was walking, but it moved as if it had been sprinting.

I still don't get it.

I may have an active imagination at times, I will admit, but this literally freaked me out.

Anyone have any explanation as to what it was? Or what it could have been?

I'll try to get pictures of the mountains tomorrow so I can give you guys an idea as to how fast it traveled and in what direction it was going and whatnot. My internet isn't really working with Google Street view, so I'll have to do it the old fashioned way.

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I just heard this great song and wanted to share it with you:



Here's a link to something similar

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This slightly disturbing story is a *female* cryptid which is taking revenge for some act of voiolence against there own kind imo The Rake

"...At the foot of the bed, sitting and facing away from us, there was what appeared to be a naked man, or a large hairless dog of some sort. Its body position was disturbing and unnatural, as if it had been hit by a car or something. For some reason, I was not instantly frightened by it, but more concerned as to its condition."

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This slightly disturbing story is a *female* cryptid which is taking revenge for some act of voiolence against there own kind imo The Rake

"...At the foot of the bed, sitting and facing away from us, there was what appeared to be a naked man, or a large hairless dog of some sort. Its body position was disturbing and unnatural, as if it had been hit by a car or something. For some reason, I was not instantly frightened by it, but more concerned as to its condition."

Oops, unless the males have short hair and no tails perhaps, unlike the shaggy long-tailed European were-creatures.

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The yellow 'eyes' give this one away: New Chupacabra story surfaces in Puerto Rico

They stopped the pickup truck and looking over a small mound of earth, the saw a dark figure resembling a short-statured man who appeared to be crouching. Chaka reached for his flashlight, got out of the vehicle and pointed it at the figure. He was only able to make out the glow of a single eye; we are uncertain if this was due to tis position. It had a yellowish or bright orange color that gradually diminished in brightness. He also noticed the figure had something strange on its head and back, resembling quills.

“Give me the machete, the machete!” Chaka demanded of his nephew. Wielding the weapon, he approached the thing he was seeing.

As he approached, the thing leaped and ran toward the undergrowth. Chaka then launched into a chase of the creature, calling out to his nephew at the same time to help, causing him to join the pursuit (Note: These are very bold and brave fellows. I would have been running too, but in a homeward direction).

The animal or “whatever it was” proved to be extremely swift, running parallel to a barbed wire fence. Chaka was on its heels, but the creature had the advantage. When the creature came to a fence, it leaped over it while Chaka burrowed under it, continuing the chase for a long stretch (Note: I subsequently accompanied him and was tired out by just walking). The creature kept running toward a very large tree. Just as Chaka was about to reach it…it vanished. He asked me if the creature was able to fly, as he cannot find an explanation to what occurred.

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This one is a cracker, just posted, Goatman/Satyr? A Camping Story

So I was recently on a horseback camping trip with a good friend of mine. It was a 2 night trip in northern SK.

We had planned this way back around christmas, we'd assumed the snow would be completely gone, but our trail was really damn cold/slushy. So the original 3 nights was cut to 2. We saddled up our horses and headed out. The first tip off that this trip wouldn't be fun was our horses. My trusty old white gelding was off his rocker. He'd never been aggressive, ever. But he was wailing and bucking and biting the moment we got onto the trail. My friends horse, who was usually the energetic one, stayed completely silent and hung his head the whole way to the first stop.

When the sun started setting we found a patch of trees to make a pen around. We use this electrified cord that connects to a battery. Then when I unsaddled my boy and put him in the enclosure, he calmed down and grazed along side his buddy. While I tended the horses my friend set up the tent, and noticed that my bed roll was gone, along with my hat. This made no sense, as I had tied them to my saddle just a few minutes ago. So I looked around and couldn't find them near us. Then I went back to my saddle and noticed that the leather cord that tied the items down had been crudely sawed in half. I thought it had snapped along the trail, and that I was going crazy and didn't put my hat there. I walked up from the small valley we were in and looked around. I found my hat about 80 feet from where we had followed the trail in. I had thought it maybe flew away when I was riding...until I picked it up. It STANK. Really, really badly. It smelled like a mix of burnt hair and rotten milk. I held it far away from me and went back to the camp. When I got there, my friend said that he left to chop wood, came back, and the boots he left outside of the tent were moved and stank too. With the same smell. By this point we assumed a skunk was around. But it did not smell like skunk, my friend pointed out. Indeed, it was waaayy more putrid. It was so bad we resorted to piling snow on the items just to block the stink. My friend began getting scared wondering if an infected wolf was out there. I laughed because I knew this area well, and no wolves live around the area(too many farmers with shotguns). Besides that, no animal but something like a skunk would so thoroughly stink up the place. I thought it may had been a small animal that was sick marking it's territory. I've seen coyotes do similar things. But coyotes would never come that close to humans/foreign objects. But we dismissed it as harmless and went to bed.

The next morning we saddled up the horses and noticed that my friend's mare was covered in leaves. But they stuck to her skin with what looked like tree sap. She got really angry when we peeled them off, even trying to bite me, as if she was protecting them. We looked around and couldn't find any sap leaking, and my horse was still clean. This was the point when my friend brought up woodland creatures/spirits and how they're known to do this. I really don't like to believe in such things, but the way that his horse had protected the leaves and was licking at the sap made me wonder. It'd be nice if it was a good omen, because my stinky hat certainly was not. My poor friend had to wear those boots,too. Ick. But we rode on and set up another camp the next night.

We settled in without anything unusual, the horses were calm, the wind had settled, and the stench had almost gone from our stuff. But then I went to the bathroom at about 3am, and before I turned behind a tree I smelled the same smell as before. I was nervous now, because whatever was making that smell had followed us. I was really scared that it may have been a cougar that wandered too far south because of the long winter. I went back and grabbed the small hunting rifle we brought, and told my friend were I was going. Because damn it, if I gotta pee, I'm gonna! I went around a tree and finished my business, then got back up and looked around, gun on hip. A shadow moved slowly behind a tree about 40-60 feet away. I hummed lowly, hoping to hear it move/breath so I could figure out what it was. The thing perfectly echoed my melody, but it had a gutteral sound to it. Okay, definitely not a cougar. But my heart began to pound as I realized nothing could do that but a person. I yelled a "who's there" and then the rot smell came back. So strong that I began to heave. My friend was calling out from the cabin for me. I kept my eyes on the tree the thing stood behind and called out again, covering my nose. The leaves crunched and it hummed again. I was beginning to cry and back up towards the tent. The horses were letting out really low,rumbling nickers. Which made me more uncomfortable because horses only do that when they're happy. And I certainly wasn't. My friend ran to my side just in time for me to keel over an vomit. He also was on the verge of sickness, but he pointed the flash light around and yelled out into the trees. The thing ran, the leaves crunched behind it. And I kid you not, what I saw looked like a man, but with an animal's head. It was so dark, so I might be wrong, but dear god, I know what I think I saw.

It was about the height of a man, it's legs looked all broken and it's limbs were skinny. And it was hairy, especially on its head.

Needless to say we got the hell outta dodge after that.

Guys, what the hell did I see? My friend insisted that it's something supernatural, but he also did not see it,so I might have seen nothing. I have literally no way to explain. But I'm pretty damn sure that I saw exactly what I described. If you have theories, please share. I haven't slept well the past few days.

Either A. I saw what I saw because of my own fear, or B. Forest nymphs are in Canada.

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This is from 2009, Cryptid

About a year ago; when returning from a friend's house at roughly 10:00 - 10:15 P.M.; I happened to glance back at the expansive fields/forests behind our houses. Imagine my surprise when I noticed something watching. It looked wolf-like; certainly canine.. but the odd bit is that this creature had bright (and I mean supernaturally bright) red eyes; and odd stub-like structures that appeared to me like folded down wings. I was not shining a light at it, so that could not be the cause of the red eyes; and the empty field and bright half-moon that night allowed me a very clear view of this creature. I have never heard of a cryptid like this before; and after extensive searches for anything similar; I have found no results. I've considered the possibility that this was a hellhound, but they are generally not reported to have wings. Any info or input on this would be appreciated.
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British big cat sightings

I totally agree, however I had an experience that just couldn't be explained some time back. I posted it on this forum, it was followed up by a mass sighting. It was the reason I joined the forum.

I know what happened to my partner, I and my dogs that night. We were stalked, it was not another dog. It was black, the size of a large dog. My two large Boxer dogs would run and see any other dog or group of dogs day or night. They were terrified, stuck close by us and were physically shaking.

I was brought up with all kinds of dogs and worked in my parents kennels from the age of about 7. This thing that stalked us was not another dog.

A few days later the farmer and some farm hands had a daylight sighting of a large black cat stalking their sheep. They got to within 30 feet of it in their Land Rover initially they thought it was a dog until they closed in. The farmer refused to report it and asked us not to tell anyone. He was concerned that the press and big cat investigators start trampling threw the fields on lookout which is potentially far more damaging to the livestock than a cat.

I accept people will think it was a dog, fox etc. If people think I am mistaken or lieing that is fine with me. But I know what I saw and witnessd.

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You are grasping at straws, your copy and paste of topics are so vague that does not proove any thing.

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Teachers at Mathiba Primary School in Maun had to abruptly end classes last week Friday after students reported seeing a hairy little creature.

Regional Director for North West District in the Ministry of Education and Skills Development, Acro Maseko said that they had to send students back home after Standard 6 and 7 students claimed to have seen ‘a black little hairy creature which resembled a human being.’

The incident which happened around 12 noon culminated in ten students treated for shock at a local clinic and released the same day.

“We will be holding prayers in the school soon after meeting parents and chiefs but for now we had asked for professional councillors to help. “

Maseko further said that although teachers did not see anything, students screamed and ran amok while others fainted which made it hard for classes to continue with classes on that day.

“Standard 7 students are about to startr exams and events of such nature which spark mass hysteria sometimes happen to them in this area,” a teacher said.

When quizzed about past incidents, Maseko said that he was new in the area and was not familiar with past incidents.

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What is this thread about exactly.

Is the OP mute?

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What is this thread about exactly.

Is the OP mute?

No he does it on purpose, when you reply, he posts more and more. Best to ignore him and he will post something else but pretty much the same

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Weird Massachusetts: Your Travel Guide to Massachusetts's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets...By Jeff Bellanger

In 1976, a huge black ‘killer dog’ was reported in Abington within the Bridgewater Triangle by Abington firefighter Phillip Kane, who said it ripped the throats out of two of his ponies and terrorized the community for several weeks, Coleman said.
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My first-hand, paranormal/ghost activity...

Posted 18 June 2013 - 10:29 PM

Hi everyone, I really could use some advice/help/opinions here... sorry for the novel...

So - to start... myself, my husband, my special needs daughter (now 4 years old), and my 12 year old dog all live in a house that was built new (previously the land the neighborhood is now on was pasture/farmland - not sure of any other "land" details) - we've been here, in this house, for close to 4 years.

I'm Athiest (I always have been). My husband is Agnostic (he used to be of a different faith).

I've NEVER believed in ghosts, until I saw an opaque, black, TALL, shadow person (VERY easy to make out, he was around 7 feet tall, and wearing a cowboy hat, I could even see)... it was around 2 or 3am, I went to the kitchen to get a snack... something drew me to look to my left, and I saw the shadow guy.

It was like he "let" me see him, for maybe 2 seconds (seemed like eternity), then completely "de-formed," and turned into a small black "thing," and SHOT over from the front door (where he was standing) to the wall/window - around 15 feet away. Then, completely gone.

This is the first time I've EVER seen/encountered a ghost (I KNOW what I saw... NO - I wasn't dreaming... I assure you I was completely awake).

So, right after this happened, w/ the shadow guy GONE, I pull back open the door to the side of the pantry (like it's going to shield me, or something). Probably not even a minute later, I feel the SAME "pull" to look over to my left, into my living room, where the front door is, exactly where the shadow guy was before... I see the ****G EXACT same figure AGAIN!!! He did almost the same thing... SCARED THE **** out of me... this was maybe around 2 years ago, or so. It, whatever it/who was - was complete evil. That I sensed VERY strongly.

I smudged our entire house. Especially my daughter's room, and the living room area, where I saw the figure. That seemed to help. For probably a year or so.... nothing happened. No weird feelings or anything, either...

I took a trip to see some friends (early May, this year), around 4 hours away from my house... I was there for around 5 days (for a break). We were all hanging around their house, in the backyard... totally sober (hey - it was early in the day!), I walk around the corner where we were all at, and walk around there to the backyard door... well, after I turned the corner, their kid's bike/trike was pretty close to the house, aimed at the house - when I was around 2 feet away from it - IT MOVED. A decent amount - enough to where I saw it move SO clearly, I checked out the ground level to see if it went down, and thought that must have been how it moved. Um - NOPE.

The ground level actually went UP, and the bike stopped when the front wheel touched the house. The bike just stayed there - it didn't roll back to where it was, in a freaking DIP in the ground/soil (like, how the ground kind of ends up w/ a little "trench" around it, next to the house, from not having rain gutters - so it's from the water coming off of the roof). So, I'm basically frozen in place, after I realize I just witnessed a kid's bike moving completely by itself, UP an incline... it had to have moved at least 3+ inches forward, in order for me to have seen it SO clearly, when I was just going to walk/pass by it... I've NEVER encountered anything like that in my life.

I ended up talking to my friends (who lived there) and told them what I saw. The chick asked me if it was a boy or girl spirit, who moved the bike... W/o thinking, I answered "little boy." NO CLUE why I thought that... She told me she's noticed a LOT of activity in that house (it's pretty old). She told me it was just little kids, a boy and a girl, and they weren't evil at all - just did stuff to get your attention, sometimes...

Around an hour later (w/ my body feeling still VERY strange/different), I was in a bedroom w/ one of their dogs, and was going to open the bedroom door to go back out into their living room... the door was shut, and it would NOT open. The dog was sniffing out of control at the door and acting really weird, and I was trying the handle different ways (it'd never stuck like this ever for me - or them - before) - NOTHING helped. It was like someone locked the door (impossible, from the outside)... I started to panic (as did the dog), then I heard the "click" on the door, and it opened w/ NO EFFORT for me, after that. There was NOBODY outside the door, ****g w/ me, I assure you - it was QUIET. I told my friends what just happened, and they seemed pretty freaked out - they said NOTHING scary/mean/evil had EVER happened there, like that... did it follow me??? Like, after seeing the bike move, again - I felt VERY different... just more "open/aware" of things/my surroundings/feelings, etc.

So - I felt "different" the entire rest of the day/evening/night... for those of you who've done shrooms - it was kind of that type of feeling, the BODY - type feeling, like when you first start to trip... AGAIN - I was NOT on drugs for any of this... but, that's how my body felt, after seeing the tricycle move. Kind of felt... I don't know exactly how to explain it... I guess more "aware" of things - is the best way to put it...

MORE weird/strange things happened to me that same day - even after we changed locations, and went back to another house... that was in the evening, and it was not as intense as what I SAW earlier that day... things like drawers opening, doors unlocking... weird/freaky stuff, but nothing appearing or scaring the **** out of me, like earlier in the day...

I left a few days later, to head back home... I was going in/out while loading my crap into my car... my last trip out of her apartment, I step outside - there's a dead rat lying in the exact middle of her "welcome" mat. Dead, as in it was stiff, so it had to have been dead for awhile... no - she didn't have cats... I know it's completely possible a random cat left it there, but - it was just very weird - the rat was stiff and was NOT there 10 minutes before I saw it. So - I left and drove home.

I called and had let my husband know what all had happened to me, and told him to get my smudging stick I still had left, so I could smudge the car and myself before I touched him or my daughter, or went inside... So, I get home and did that...

So - keep in mind - NO activity for around a year, then I see and experience a LOT of weird stuff again... ??? About a month after I got back home, I started having (occasionally) that same "body feeling" again - kind of like much more openness/awareness. It would ALWAYS happen at night, and always by the front door area of our house, where I saw the shadow guy those 2 times, around 2 years ago... haven't seen him since that one night, but just would get an EVIL feeling around that area...

Anyone's take??

Again, I was NOT on drugs when these things happened... NEVER. Please don't blame what I experienced on that, or me not being awake... I WAS completely awake when all these events happened.

There's definately something VERY evil/mean about this spirit at my house... I thought it was gone, but - now, don't think so...

It's so bad that if I wake up in the middle of the night, if I "feel weird/different" (which happens a LOT), I don't even look by where I saw the figure, I haul a$$ back into our bedroom.

Thanks guys,


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Here's the local dogman story from Vietnam: Mystery beast causing panic in Quang Ngai province

According to Cao Tan Son, police chief of the Binh Dong Commune, these mysterious incidents have been occurring since May 7 at the foot of Dinh Mountain in Son Tra Commune.

However, no one has seen the strange creature that could have caused such large footprints measuring almost 12-15cm. Over 20 dogs have also been killed in the area and now around 280 households of the commune are living in panic.

Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc, a 70-year-old woman was the first to find her dead pet dog on the night of May 7. She said that her dog was found without its head and some body organs.

On the same night, four dogs were also found dead in the same manner, approximately 15-20 kilograms from Ngoc’s neighborhood.

Many households living near the Dinh Mountain said they had heard very loud roaring sounds.

In related news, in the border districts of Si Ma Cai and Muong Khuong in the northwestern province of Lao Cai, people have repeatedly seen strange species of dog like animals.

The strange creatures have bitten about 15 people in Ban Me, Thao Chu Phin, Quang Than San and Si Ma Cai communes in the two districts.

According to local residents, the strange doglike creatures have slender, long bodies, slanting red eyes and their fur coat is marked with white spots, black and white spots or yellow stripes.

They are seen wandering in the villages trying to prey on housedogs or attacking other domestic bred animals like chickens, pigs, goats and horses. They attack any person who tries to drive them away

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Just posted: strange creature

I saw this creature in my home town in West Sussex in the south east of England
I hope this email makes sense to you my written English leaves much to be desired.

About a month ago, I was walking late at night and I saw a weird creature up the road so I slowed down so I didn’t spook it, once I got close enough to see it clearly it had long thin but muscular hind legs and slightly more muscular front legs its feet were like a cross between a cats and a bird they had what looked like the soft pad like mass but where the toes would normally be it had huge talon like claws, the main body was big and bulky roughly 4ft in length and about 3.5ft in height with a long tail about 3ft in length with a pointed tip to it, the neck of it was short like a dogs but risen above the shoulders like that of a horse at the rear area of the head it had two small-ish ears that came to a point at the tip and ballooned slightly in the middle like a leaf and diagonally down from that were its eyes they were a large oval shape slightly pointed at each end and were blue with cat like slits for the blacks its front of its face was set like a horse with the positioning of the nose and lips but it had teeth of a carnivore it had two large K9 teeth top and bottom surrounded by smaller jagged teeth.

It didn’t seem to have fur or anything like that and if it did it was very short and fine, once I got about ten feet from this thing it turned to look at me when I made eye contact with it I felt like time had stopped it just stared at me it must have been thirty to sixty seconds then it made I noise I will never forget it sounded like a dieing scream so high pitched that I had to cover my ears then it ran across the road into the forest since then I have herd the scream a few times but I haven’t seen it.

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This is very interesting to me, post#34 in Strange white humanoid..

This reminds me of two peculiar happenings I experienced driving on my own road when I still lived in the Carmel-Kent area of NY. I once saw a large white creature, almost like a greyhound in thinness of fur/definition of muscle, but thicker in a way with more mass to the build, make a leap over a good 1.5ft of shrubbery and the ENTIRE 15ft or so road to the front yard of the home across the street, very quickly... followed by a little gray tabby, who simply ran behind. The second peculiar thing I saw was a deer who leaped over this same spot of shrubbery in front the of vehicle, and simply strolled leisurely up the road, followed by a long-haired white cat with wing-like mats on it's back that 'flapped' with the movement of it's walking. They just walked up the road, around the corner, and out of sight.

The original poster comment post#36:

After coming back and reading this all again I maybe could have handled this better but then again why should I have.. I came here hoping for support and help with what we saw but all I got was a bunch of sarcasm and putting me down for what we saw. This was posted almost a year ago and to this day we still try to come up with theories of what we saw but nothing really equals out besides it was a humanoid. We go out every once in awhile just to see if we are able to spot it again. You guys can point and make fun all you want. Say it was a cat the whole time. I'm positive a cat can not run on its hind legs across the road like the humanoid creature we saw do. Yes it sounds strange, but it is the truth. Believe what you all want but I know for a fact that we will never forget what we saw that night.

The original post#1:

Ok so I was with my two friends at night driving around boring ohio. We were just having fun when all of a sudden we all seen a around 2-3 foot white humanoid creature run across the road on two feet about 40ish feet in front of us. We got freaked out real fast. We stopped where we saw it cross and what we saw made no sense at all. It was a cat. Just an ordinary cat that ran away once we spotted it. We were confused and freaked out so we left. I add that we weren't drunk or high. lol This story is the truth and I am trying to find some help if anyone has some idea of what the heck we saw that night.
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Here's the Dartmoor Beast video once again for those who haven't seen it:



i don't think its faked at all but if i remember rightly some guys viewed loads of videos on this and it came out that the body mass, movement, and colour decribed matched within a reasonable margin of error a big cat like a panther,lion ect.

i dont know if it is and i doubt people will know untill one is killed or captured.

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i don't think its faked at all but if i remember rightly some guys viewed loads of videos on this and it came out that the body mass, movement, and colour decribed matched within a reasonable margin of error a big cat like a panther,lion ect.

i dont know if it is and i doubt people will know untill one is killed or captured.

Yes, it does resemble a lion, but no lions are unaccounted for from zoos etc. I have my own idea on the origin species, but I'll save that for another time.
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A very strange thing happened after the poem was aired on radio on April 1, 1987, and it became obvious the story was not going to fade away. The first two times the song was played; there was no viewer reaction or calls. Cook and O’Malley were prepared to let the failed prank die, when the phone lines started lighting up. People were calling in asking about that “weird” song. Listeners asked, “Who did that song on the dogman thing?” and “when are you going to play it again?” O’Malley took a call from an elderly man who stated that he was chilled to the bone after hearing the song because he had actually seen a similar creature years before. That was the first of many sighting reports that would pour into the station over the next few weeks. Scores of people told of stories and encounters with a creature that was very much like Cook’s fabricated dogman. Within one month, “The Legend of the Dogman” became the most requested song on the air and for a short time was added into the regular rotation of the music.

Other stories began to surface and be compared to the Michigan Dogman story. A century old, mysterious Indian legend revealed shocking similarities. A French fur trader’s diary from 1804 told of an encounter with “loup garou.” A letter from 1857 described a creature that stood upright like a man, yet “bore the countenance of a grey wolf.” A real “dogman” sighting investigated by Lake County Sheriff’s deputy Jeff Chamberlain who was accompanied by DNR officer Ron McCarty was picked up and reported on by Mark Marantette, a reporter for the Cadillac Evening News, and then other news outlets picked up the story and it was later fed down the Associated Press newswire, and thus was picked up by newspapers all across America. It was even mentioned as a strange coincidence in Paul Harvey’s national “News and Comments” broadcast. McCarty called WTCM, stating that he and Chamberlain had openly joked about how this sighting would fit in with the seventh year prophecy made in the song. (McCarty’s voice would later appear in the beginning of the 10th anniversary version of the song, “The Legend 97”) Suddenly, “The Legend” soared into national prominence, and became a hit song once again, only this time on a much larger scale. Requests for copies came in from all 50 states and around the world. Eventually, the master tape, never considered to be of real value, had been destroyed, and Steve Cook went into the studio again, this time with an upgraded keyboard, and recorded the song a second time. A few changes were made to the lyrics to update “The Legend” for summer. When it was finished, the second master recording was shipped to Southfield Michigan for mass production. The first 500 copies arrived a week later, and sold out in 12 days.

"The Legend” had quickly become hot property with record stores and radio stations across the country calling the station requesting copies. A large record company offered to record and promotes the song and Steve Cook faced the difficult decision of whether to release “The Legend” on a national scale, or to keep it local and manageable. Steve chose to keep it local. The music and lyrics were copyrighted by Mindstage Productions, Cook’s marketing and advertising company. More and more copies of the tape, which was originally priced at $3.00, were sold and in the fall of 1987, WTCM held an art contest which allowed amateur artists the chance to submit works depicting what they thought the dogman looked like. There were over a hundred entries. Some were exceptional, but by far the most chilling and dramatic was an 11” by 17” charcoal sketch done by Brian Rosinski who was only 23 years old at the time and had never had a formal art lesson. The song was never intended to be a marketable vehicle for profit and Cook made the decision early on that any profits earned derived from its sale would be donated to charity. The first charity was the Traverse City Cherryland Humane Society which scored $2,500 towards drilling a new water well and the remodeling of the adult dog facility which included new floor tile and pens. In 2001, Cook was introduced to Brian Manley founder of AC Paw, a no-kill animal rescue program that specializes in lost causes. AC Paw takes in animals that have been injured, abused, or neglected; or that have used up the maximum boarding time in traditional facilities and are about to be euthanized. They rehabilitate animals through a unique foster care network, and eventually place them in a loving home. Cook was so impressed with the AC Paw program; he shifted all donations from the proceeds of “The Legend” to their cause and thus the “The Legend of the Dogman’s” legacy lives on for animals in need.

While “The Legend” has never been formally distributed for airplay on other radio stations, it’s been heard across the USA and the world. Many young adults grew up hearing it and remember it scaring them at summer campfire story telling sessions. “The Legend” has inspired movie screenplays, stage productions, numerous books, term papers at least one Master’s thesis, and countless classroom projects at all grade levels.

In spite of the initial belief that the song would be a radio bit designed to run one day only, interest in The Legend continues to grow. Steve Cook receives 10 to 20 sighting reports each year, many supported by dramatic evidence. Perhaps the best description of the legacy of “The Legend” came from WTCM morning host Jack O’Malley: “This song has been firmly woven into the fabric of Northern Michigan. It is part of the culture now, part of the folklore. The Legend will be here long after we are gone.”


180px-Haymarsh.jpgImage shot by a night watchman near Big Rapids in 1961

20px-5413486.pngAdded by CR Productions

"When I was a boy, my father was the night watchman at a manufacturing plant located in a rural area between Big Rapids and Chippewa Lake, Michigan. Our house (which if I remember right was a perk of the night watchman job) was across the street from the factory. The plant building was right next to a large wilderness area of State land. At that time it was simply known as the Haymarsh, but now it is officially called the Haymarsh State Game Area.

We didn't understand it at the time, but dad was always very skittish about letting us play outside after dark. He would sometimes talk about hearing coyotes or bears roaming around in the haymarsh when he was walking the perimeter of the building at night.

One night in the summer of 1961, dad walked back to the house to sit on the porch and have a cup of coffee and a sweet roll. He had a good view of the entire plant property. He saw some movement near a chain link fence behind the building. This was approximately 3:00am, so he felt quite sure this person wasn't there by accident.

He drew his gun and watched for a few minutes. That's when he noticed this was not a person at all, but something much taller. He said it appeared to be covered in brown/grey hair. It had very broad shoulders and a powerful chest. It alternated between walking on four legs, then standing up on two. He said it seemed to be looking for something along the driveway.

He said later he couldn't quite believe what he was seeing. He quietly moved into the house and grabbed his Kodak Signet 35mm camera, which was his pride and joy. At this point I should mention that dad was quite a photography buff. His father had owned one of the first camera stores in Ohio, and dad got the shutterbug from grandpa.

As he stepped back onto the front porch, the creature moved slowly along the driveway, directly under the lights. He adjusted the camera shutter for a long exposure, held it as still as he could (he said he was shaking pretty bad by then) and snapped a picture. I've enclosed a print of it in this letter. Dad said a few seconds later, the thing dropped back down to all fours, and slowly moved off into the woods (to the left in this picture).

He sent a print to the local newspaper, and sent copies to several magazines. One that I think was called "Mysterion" published the photo in their Spring issue of 1962. Dad had a copy of the magazine for years, but it was misplaced after he passed away.

I still have the negative strip that contains this image, if you would like to have someone examine it. I also still have dad's Kodak Signet. I haven't shot any pictures with it for several years, but I'm pretty sure it still works."

SPARTA, 1987

"One weekend back around fall 1987, my two best friends and I were staying at my family’s cabin, which is not far from the small town of Sparta, about 20 minutes north of Grand Rapids. My two friends left to have dinner while I stayed behind at the cabin."

Following the dinner, the men headed back toward Sparta and the cabin. What happened next would shock and disturb them for years.

"It was dark, and they were on a rural road. Suddenly both of them saw something standing by the side of the road. In the headlights of the car, it appeared to be a human-like figure covered in grey fur. As they got closer and passed the figure, both of them got a very good look at it. It was the size of a man, stood on two legs, it was covered head to toe in grey fur, and had a wolf-like face. It even raised its hands and seemed to snarl at them as they drove by. They said it looked like a werewolf out of a Hollywood movie.

My two friends didn’t dare stop, they continued driving. And of course they were peppering each other with questions, “Did you see that too?! Was that a dog? Was that someone dressed up in a costume?” and so on. As they are having this animated conversation, they pass by the sign that says “Welcome to Sparta” and drove through the small main street, and continued on out of the town in the direction of my cabin. Their conversation about what had just happened continued, when both of them looked up to see that same “Welcome to Sparta” sign AGAIN, followed by the same main street that they had just driven through only moments ago. They hadn’t stopped or turned around. They had been traveling in the same direction on the same road, but somehow without any noticeable interruption in their journey, they had somehow been sent backwards several miles."

Until this point, it would be easy to dismiss this event as someone playing a joke. However, the time displacement characteristic is what sets this encounter apart. While such things are well documented in UFO and alien abduction stories, it's something we've not seen before in dogman sighting reports. Andy continues,

"I remember when they finally showed up at my cabin. They arrived no later than what I expected them to – around 9:00 pm or so. And I remember how animated they were about their strange encounter, but I just assumed they had seen a large dog and were telling me an embellished story in order to get a laugh. But 20 years later, both of them still insist that this was no joke.

I have no idea what to make of this story. Maybe it was just some teenagers in a werewolf costume playing pranks. And did my friends really experience “lost time” afterwards, or did they just make some wrong turns on their drive and didn’t notice because they were talking and distracted?

I have no idea, but I would love to know if anyone else has seen similar things in the Sparta area..."


The area around Reed City, Michigan, has been a hotbed of dogman activity. This report details an event that occurred nearly 20 years ago, but the witness remembers it like it was yesterday, and is unshakeable in her story.

Her name is Courtney, and her encounter took place during the winter of 1993-94. Courtney was a teenager at the time, and was sneaking cigarettes behind her parents' home, near Todd Lake northeast of Reed City. The sun was setting on a clear, cold winter day. Courtney was facing a large abandoned barn on the property next door.

"The barn had always kind of spooked me. It was filled with rusty old equipment. The outer planks were all rotten, and it sagged and leaned in every direction. My dad said to stay away, as the whole thing could collapse.

On that evening, I was standing about 50 feet from the barn, and saw sunlight coming through the gaps in the siding."

Courtney took her eyes off the barn for a few minutes, then something caught her attention again.

"There was some movement; the light flickered, but I couldn't really tell what it was. Then it turned its head back and looked straight at me. It was at least 6 feet tall if not more. It was dark colored. It had a dog like appearance; pointy nose and really big pointy ears."

Courtney dashed into her house to grab a flashlight. When she returned outside, she shined it toward the barn door but the animal was no longer there. She walked closer to the barn to look for tracks in the heavy snow. When she didn't see any, she realized the creature might still be inside, and ran back to the safety of the house. She never saw the creature again.

She later talked to a neighbor who had seen something "the size of a buffalo but the shape of a dog" in the same barn a few months before Courtney's encounter. The neighbor said she had been so frightened she was near hysterics for days. Her father had taken his gun and searched the barn, but found nothing there.

At the time of these events, neither of the girls had heard of "The Legend" song, and did not know about the Michigan Dogman legend until years later.


This report comes to us from an anonymous contributor who grew up in Cheboygan County, but spent many summers camping on family property in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. This encounter took place in the area of Watersmeet, home of the famous Paulding Lights phenomenon. Oddly enough, the Paulding Lights are also known as the "Dog Meadow Lights."

"I was 13, had just gotten new roller-blades for Christmas and, since the main road where our property sits is paved, I couldn't wait to ride around. I went blading by myself and stopped to rest for a second. On this road, the woods are so thick, there's not much space between the road and the woods in most parts, and I remember seeing trees pushed down on the road that my dad said was done by bears. (He was an avid bear hunter) I remember not hearing any of your normal sounds of nature, not even birds. The air was still, and the sky would be pure dark in not too long. I was deciding to turn back, when I heard a rustling behind me, and something emerge from the left side of the road. I assumed it was a deer, and paused and made myself as quiet as I could so I could watch it, and slumped down on my stomach in the middle of the road. It was about 600 feet ahead of me. When I got myself settled in the road to watch it and looked up, I realized what I was looking at wasn't a deer. It was on all fours, with grey/brown fur. At first, I feared the worst, thinking a bear had caught my scent, until I saw it's outline and color. I thought I was looking at a dog until I realized the face was too... primitive? Like a fox or a coyote's. At this point in my life, I had never seen a wolf in real life, and it was too far for me to make out the face exactly."

The Michigan DNR has always recognized that wild wolves still roamed in Upper Peninsula, although they were thought to be in very limited numbers, and only in extremely remote areas. It is conceivable this witness was seeing one of these wolves; but then something very strange happened.

"... it extended it's front legs, and in the slowest, longest seconds of my life, stood up on it's hind legs, sniffed the air, walked for about five steps, then got back down on all fours and walked to the other side of the woods, then disappeared.

I don't remember how long I laid in the middle of the road staring in the empty space I saw this thing stand like a human. I remember my jaw hanging down as low as it could, and a pool of drool on the cement under it. It finally clicked in my mind that, perhaps, I should roller-blade my butt back to camp as quick as I could."

The witness reports that while the creature never stalked or pursued her, she slept very little during the rest of the family camping trip. She never told anyone about what she had seen, fearing she would be ridiculed. At the time of the sighting, she had never heard of The Legend song, and would not until 2004. She moved to Southern California in 2008, and has no interest in camping ever again.

ALPENA, 2001

"My dad and I have a story to tell about our encounters with the Dogman. My dad's story took place in the mid 70's. There is a cemetery behind the Alpena high school and a wooded area behind that. There are many trails that run through here. In this area is a place called The Sandies, where all the young kids would go and party. My dad and two of his buddies were in a canoe in broad daylight paddling from The Sandies around the back of the cemetery. The banks of the river are 10–12 feet high in places, and some trails run right to the edge. The three of them saw what looked to be a big dog running behind them on the trail. They didn't pay much attention to it until they heard a splash. When they looked it was swimming after them, then it went from a dog paddle to the chest and front legs coming out of the water and wading after them. They decided right then not to wait around to see what it was. Honestly i thought it was B.S. at the time, and I'm still not sure even to this day if it was something they had been smoking or drinking.

Then around 2001-2002, I was leading some friends through The Sandies trails. I used to like taking people out there without a flashlight and tell them my dad's story to freak them out. The girls were freaked out before we even got into the woods so I decided not to scare them that night.

In the river are small several islands connected by a small sliver of land. At that time there were three such islands chained together and I took them through to the last one which was planted with pines in nice even rows. I was the first one back there, about 30 seconds ahead, when one of the girls got her foot hung up on something. As I was going back to help her, there was a spot where the trees make a sort of roof effect which is really cool looking at night with the moon shining through. At that point I saw something. I'm not sure what it was, but it sent me running out double time. When my buddy saw my face he didn't say a word, he just followed, both of us dragging the girls behind us.

When he asked me later why i came out in such a hurry, i told him it was because I thought I had seen something at the other end of the island walking through the trees that was very tall and not likely human. He may not have believed me, but he never questioned it either.

I'm still not sure what I saw. It could easily have been that I scared myself with dad's story and was seeing things, but I know this: I still don't like the dark, and even though I love hunting, I hate going out before the sun comes up during deer season."

BENDON, 2007

This sighting report is told second hand, by the brother-in-law of the witness. The witness is a prominent person in local government, and wishes to remain anonymous.

"The situation started last Saturday night around midnight wh 180px-Dogman_04.jpgThe Bendon Track

20px-5413486.pngAdded by CR Productions

en he was coming home from a friend's house in Benzonia and taking the back way home to Traverse City. He stated that while traveling down Cinder Road, several miles outside of the town of Bendon, he observed a pair of eyes reflecting off his headlights ahead of him. Thinking that it was probably a deer along side of the road, he began to slow down. As he got closer however, he stated that the object was much larger and much darker than a deer. He said that by this time, he had slowed to around 30 mph and was at that point several hundred feet from the creature which still hadn’t moved. As he approached further, he stated that the only way he could describe the creature was being similar to a very large dark wolf, however he observed that this thing wasn’t on four legs, but was upright his back two legs standing near a road killed deer. He estimated that the creature stood a little over six feet tall and had very dark fur.

He stated that by now, he was going slow enough to bring his truck to a stop in the road and observe the creature which had not yet moved and was still staring at him. He told me that for a brief second, he believed that the object was a giant stuffed animal put there as some kind of joke due to the fact that he had never seen anything like this in his life, and that he was able to drive up on it as close as he was, without it having moved an inch. He told me however, that before he could finish that thought, the creature then dropped to all four legs and sprinted across the road and disappeared into the woods on the other side of the roadway.

He told me that he stayed frozen in his seat for a minute wondering in the middle of the road, of what the heck had just happened. I jokingly asked him if he had been drinking that night and with a deadly serious face, stated “No… whatever that was, it was for real”.

As perplexed as he was that night over what he had seen, he was deathly afraid to go wandering into the woods to investigate further.

He said that in using a flashlight, he observed an animals tracks leading into the woods on the opposite side of the road and was fortunate enough that night to have his digital camera with him. He showed me a photograph of the pawprint which he said appeared to be about 7 or 8 inches long. He had another picture of the same pawprint where he placed a shotgun shell in the middle of it for scale. He told me that he was lucky that the side of the road was so soft, because he wasn’t willing to go any farther than two or three steps away from the door to his truck to get a picture. I inquired if the animal had made any sounds before it disappeared and he said that he did not hear it make any noise and were it not for the picture, he would have thought that he had imagined the whole thing. . I asked him if it could have been a bear and he stated “absolutely not”. He bear hunts every year in the U.P., so he obviously knows what bears look like up close.

That's his story. Believe it if you like. If I didn’t know him as well as I do, and hadn’t seen the pictures, I would have said that he was out of his mind. I’ve heard the song and know some of the stories, but always believed it was just for entertainment value. After this happened though, I’m looking at all of this under a whol

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