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Scotland to ban Smoking


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Anyway this is a purely Irish, Scottish and Norweigan endevor, why do the Americans even care? huh.gif


Maybe because it has to start somewhere and its likely that the rest of the world may learn something from this. thumbsup.gif

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You can't be looking hard enough then. There are plenty of places where smoking is not allowed. I have eaten in many establishments that have a no smoking policy.

Yes in the US and in some parts of the UK like London...But have you ever been to Scotland? You would be shocked! grin2.gif Like talon said there is a reason why in Scotland the rates of deaths caused by smoking is the highest in Europe. The average life expectancy of a male in Glasgow is 68.7 years old more than a decade shorter than in somewhere like Devon. If you add smoking and drinking men into the equation than the stastistics lower considerably and that is very very bad.

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Are you sure about that 68.7 babs , im pretty sure its like 75 or something i could be wrong.

There is an alarming culture in scotland that will just go out of control if this ban isnt implemented.

To be fair though lottie you kinda painted it as if we are all a bunch of mank alcoholic smoking layabouts there lol.

It is quite nice in glagow. ha ha.

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Im not old enough to go to bars and pubs... so right now I just want people to stop smoking in public and on the streets!

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Hey Wurm

It was me lottie who got that statistic and as far as I am aware it is fairly accurate. I am sorry if I am portraying Glaswegians as a bunch of fag smoking alcholics...and I apologise to my father ...he is Glaswegian! But come on its true most of them are including my very crazy glaswegian great-uncle!

Glasgow is okay and maybe I am being a bit patriotic as the Scots blood runs through my veins... but Scotland is the brave! original.gif

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