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I really need advice

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I think you should use your powers for profit. You claim to have powers, then, show them off on tv. Or go to YouTube.com and make a video or two that proves that you have the powers that you claim to have. Otherwise, no one believes you even though some say that they do for they're own none-existent recognition/s. (laugh) Watch out for these people. They have/will/going-to miss led you; they all may take advantage of you in any way, shape, or form that they can, be it, that you have the powers that you clam to have, be it, that you really have not the powers that you do claim to have. I--on the other hand--am an atheist--an atheist is anybody-everybody that "knows" (not a "belief" -- the "belief"-element will surly make you an agnostic, and, not an atheist at-all) that there are no such thing/s as "deities" in reality, hence; "no deities in all-real reality"; we--us "Shadow Agents"--call this "ultimate reality" where animal-animals and human-animals are one-and-alike-but-we-different-than-the-other-animals mind-frame. I am like a psychic, I think; I can see "events" in "film-form" in my mind. If you need help with something, I can see if I can help you out if you want.

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