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I am not an atheist. But close enough. I tried atheism but it didn't work out for me. I also tried maltheism and this is the worst spiritual invention mankind has ever created. (I will explain why later) The path I ultimately chose is being apathetic. Although I am still somewhat interested in religious and spiritual subjects, I do not consider myself neither spiritual or religious. Those subjects are strictly intellectual curiosities to me.

I have read some introductions of world religions, and it opened my eyes a little better. It seems that different religions have radically different worldviews, and I realized that Judeo-Christian worldview is not necessarily superior over other religions/philosophies. (Actually I find the concept of Original Sin quite distasteful.)

Anyway, I believe in some kind of force of creation. But that is it. I go no further than believing in some powerful (but not necessarily a higher) being. Like my sig says digging deeper over spirituality is just as stupid as trying to remember all the Star Trek trivia. It won't help you become better or anything like that. I'd rather read Taoist and Confucian texts over Christian documents since the former contain more practical guidance and directives over real life. (what can I say, I am an Asian.) But I don't support Confucianism that much because it's the ideological system for despots. It emphasizes on social order but doesn't really help poor and oppressed. Still, I find the books of ancient Chinese philosophers are better moral guidance over some scraps written by desert savages.

Well, I know that belief in kind and merciful god actually benefits human mind. Dr. Andrew Newberg discovered this and I agree with him. This is why I don't like maltheism because it's neither constructive nor beneficial to people. It's a practical reason. I don't necessarily believe in omnibenevolent god though. The thing is that you shouldn't be stuck with a certain kind of dogma. You should study various religions and spirituality and should realize that they should exist for our benefit, not vice versa.

Organized religion is a crutch. People should be free to explore many different options. Still, in some part of the world such attempt for exploring diverse spiritual journey means public execution.

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