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Set the Fallen

Po man (pope)

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Ignorant the folish man, white and with a smile of bad

ancient rules they say in lies, whispering behind your back

killing knowledge, killing man, loves a lie upon their hands

innocent that they have killeds, slaughtered my love and child

"Be honest" say they, so I won't burn

"Am I a witch? No you fare with lies!"

my voice it never wavers so, my knowledge is of truth not lies

but as I know to much for them, they raise me up to burn my fleash

"Watch the devil in disguise, watch him burn for he's no man"

the pope exclaim unto the people, my people that he stole with fear

"Lies!" I screams as flames lick me, and worry for the future realms

what god would wish to harm the poor? What good would wish to harm a child

I see no beauty in their lies, they know not love, they are the snake

as I die I curse their words, for no one can be love and curse, hypokrit

deceive as pleasent as you think, but in your book lies proof of lies

there is no god, there is no rules, if so why take you from the poor?

The gold we saved to help our owns, to trade, to live like free the birds

no man have been a real god, but in his place he thinks he are!

I say you are one of them, a killer raging to destroy...

believe not freedom, believe not you, for you have no mind of your own

Creators can not make a thing, that's why they killed my every kind

ingeneirs and scientists, philosopes and knowledge found

if artists did not make for them, they died as drowned in their blood

escape became a lost in time, because they dragg us down to die

Those that fought be slaughtered more, the ones who did not know to fight

some few they dared not to speak, in fear, in silence as I speak

believe, not fade, but not in that, don't go, don't lose your hope in free

don't turn away from what you see, for your responsibile of this

Be wary for your hands are red, stained by the blood of those

you who thinks of religion, you who holds up cross or churchs

know that if you suport them, you accept the killings made

be more than bound by lies as fools, I know you are more than their words

*watch out or po man will get you, he is real*

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