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Brummie dialect! enter at your own risk


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Brummie, a whole other language, below you will find Brummie Speak, what we say and what we mean!!

Ackerdocks =aqueduct

Ackers =Money

Adu =How are you?

Addick =Haddock (fish)

Affpast =Half past the hour "the toym is affpass three"

Ar'l goo tClent =Expression of surprise

Ahr =Yes

Ar bay =I am not

Ar bin =I am

Arf soaked =Stupid

Ahr wow =I won't

Alloy =Friend

Alley Boy =Excuse of being elsewhere

Air =The wife ..as in "air at um"

Ark =Listen

Arbun edge ="Refers to a bad cup of tea as in ""testsloik 'ArbunEdge"". " I.e Tastes like leaves from a Harborne hedge

Arffa =Half as in "arffa bitta"

Aar kid =as in "awa ya doin aar kid" brother/kin

Anyroadup =anyhow, anyway

**** Cream =Frozen confectionery (as in choc ice)

Avon =Light commercial vehicle (as in Ford Transit)

A =not going to have to

Aynit =Is it not ?

Azzo =as though

A bag of suck =Four ounces of sweeties

Bab ="used as a term for an adult woman as in ""Oroit Bab? "

Babbee =Small child..the youngest

Barmy =Insane

Baygoona =Not going to.

Beeza =BSA motorbikes made in Small Heath

Bin =Been, as in " Wair ya bin?"

Bint =Slightly derogatory term for a young woman

Bir-nin-em =Birmingham

Bison =Basin. A kitchen utensil..as in "puddin bison"

Blartin =Crying..lots of tears

Blastid =A more polite word to use instead of "Bloody"

Bloke =A gentleman

Blood Tub =Cinema where Bloodthirsty Films shown.

Bokkle =Bottle

Boyk =Two-wheeled vehicle..(bicycle) or a lady of ill repute

Booza =Ale House etc…or one who frequents one

Bosta =Large

Bostin =Terrific, excellent, fantastic etc.

Bosti fittle =Good food.

Brewy =Leven Brew XI. A beer brewed by Mitchells and Butlers in Cape Hill

Bronical =Chest trouble

Buzz =Bus a form of public transport

Caggy-handed =Left handed

Cake hole =Your mouth

Cannabea =Can of beer

Cannalarga =Can of lager

Canting =Talking

Cartin =Carton

Chimley =Chimney

Code =Cold

Coppit =catch it

Copolt =Take hold of this

Cucka =Oven

Cuddna bin =Couldn't have been

Cut =Canal

Cowt =Outer garment..as in "'at 'n cowt"

Daynt =I Don't

Donnies =Hands (Wash your donnies)

Doolally =Barmy, Crackers

Dower =Door, as in "Shut thu dower"

Duck ="Woman (used for both sexes in the East Midlands) ""Oya Duck"""

Ersun =Belongs to a female.

Fake =Cigarette (Got era fake?)

Ferra =For a

Fizzog =Face

Flower =Floor as in " Moind me clin flower"

Foil =Metal rasping tool

Foyer =Flames etc

foyered =to lose ones job as in "the gaffer foyered me"

Freud =Cooked in a pan of oil (as in "freud sossy-jizz")

Gaffer =Ones Boss

Gardin =The plot of land at the rear of the house for growin grass, flowers and vegatables

Garridge =Where you keep your car. (or "mowta")

Geaus =Give me

Gerraway =Really?

Gerroff =Get off

Gerron me wick. =Fed up with someone.

Giya =Give you - As in, I will gerim to giya a ring. ( I will get him to give you a ring).

Glarnies =Marbles

Gloss =Transparent material used for windows.

Gob =Mouth

Goo =Go

Good Boy =A bargain…or farewell

Gooin =Going

gorra cobb on =in a bad mood

Gunna =Going to

Gunnyarta =going to have to

Guzz =Goes

Guzzunda =A vessel that used during the night in the days of back to back houses not having an inside toilet. The word describes where it was kept which was under the bed. "The pot goes under the bed"

Horse Pickle =Hospital

Injin =Found under the bonnet (hood) of a car

"Int, Ent, Ain't" ="Isn't (as in "" It int arf code out, ar kid"""

Introy =Passageway between two old houses

Irrint =It isn't

Jawanna =Do you want a.. (or to..) "Jawanna gew fora pint down the pub"

Kaliye =Sherbert

Kayliyed =Intoxicated

Kekkle =Kettle

Kinnoy =Can I ?

Lard 'Ed =Thick, stupid

Larpom =Toilet

L small= little

Loin= Shortest distance between two points

Loik =Similar….or term of favourability.

Loiter =Smoker's accessory

Lung =Not short

Mardy =a miserable mood, grumpy

Mate =Sold at a butcher's shop…or a friend

Miskins =Dustbins

Misses =Wife..as in "me 'n the misses"

Mizzly =When the weather is cold and wet

Moikrawev =Microwave

Moi =The month before June….or 'belonging to me..'

Mom =Used instead of 'Mum'

Mooch =Look as in "A mooch around the shops"

Morkins =someone stupid

Mower =Something additional

Mowta =automobile ( as in "Me mowta needs an injin")

Mucker =A good friend that can always be relied on to lend a hand with any job no matter how dirty. He will always muck in with you.

Noyse =Nice; as in " Tarrair dunnarf luck noyse terday"

Oh-ahrr =Yes (kind off a fill in word when talking stopped or hesitated)

Oice Cream =Same as "**** Cream" but even tastier!!

Oil =I will

Om =I am

On a Loin =Annoyed, angry

Ooroyt =hello (informal greeting)

Out Door =Off Licence

Quoit =Exactly, entirely

Or roit? =Are you well?....okay?

Orse Rowed =Thoroughfare..used generally by "Senior Brummies"

Otchin =method of propulsion (while sitting) used by babies before they can walk

Owamya ="Owamya Bin Keepin" Nothing to do with the worlds most wanted man. How are you and have you been keeping well.

Oya =Hello

Palaver =a vexing situation

Parky =Cold, chilly

Pays ="Peas - as in "" Kinnoy av a cartin 'o mushy pays, ploise?"

Ploise =Please

Poiklits =Pikelets (West Midlands name for crumpets):

Poise =Made of pastry..as in "stoik 'n keednoy poise"

Point =Large glass of ale..one eight of a gallon

Poyper =Paper

Rayjoe =Radio, wireless

Reuter =One who writes, an author

Rezza =Edgbaston Reservoir

Roit Bosta =Something very good

Rowud =Road as in 'Om agoowin darn the towun alung the orse rowud'.

Rung =Incorrect

Safta =This afternoon

Scrubba =Prostitute

Skooill =School

Sellablige ="To work things out as in "" Oil avva quick sellablige and lit yow know" ow mooch munnay oi've got."""

Sharrabang =Coach

Shudup ="Shut up, Be quiet."

Skelington =Skeleton

Slash =Crude term for to urinate

Strung =Powerful, not weak

Suff =Outside kitchen drain

Sukka =Frozen confectionery on a stick.

Summat =Something

S'up =What's up

Take-up =Drinking vessel usually with a saucer.

Tennarf ='I agree' as in "code to die - tennarf"

Ta rah =Goodbye!

Trarabit =See you again soon

Tests =Tastes

Tittybabbi =person or child acting like immaturely, like an infant at the breast

To die =Between yesterday and tomorrow

Toil =Ceramic wall covering

Toughie =Form of confectionery. as in "toughie appul"

Towun =Town 'Om agoowin darn the towun alung the orse rowud'.

Toy =Fashion accessory usually worn around the neck

Trarabit =Goodbye and see you again soon.

Trazis =Trousers.

Troin =Form of transport that runs on tracks.

Tuffpaste =Toothpaste

Tussock =irritating cough (as in "er ay arf gorra tussock onna")

Tuth =Tooth

Tuttie Pegs =Baby teeth

Waggin it =Missing school for no good reason, playing truant

"warr, warrn't " ="were, weren't"

Wench =Girl

Werk =Work.

Wernit =Was it not

Weskit =Waistcoat

Wick =Seven days

Wikend =Weekend

Winnda =Window

Windas =Windows. Operating system for computers developed by Moikrasof

Worroh =Hello

Wotchya =what have you got

Wozapanin =Whats going on

Wudden'ill =Stairs

Wum =Home

Wundrin =to walk around or to think about something

Yamorrite =how are you?

Yampy =Daft, stupid

Yarair =Your hair

Yerat =Something you put on your head as in "goin fetch yerat feur uryed

Yed =Something to put Yerat on.

Yo cor =You cannot.

Yow no =Assumption of understanding..

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