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Willing things to happen.

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It is now 2 days after the drawing. I assume you didn't win the $1000 + dollars or you would have mentioned it in your post. Perhaps you have experience coincidence.

Hey yes your right I didn't win the 1000+ dollars but its still my intention to receive the 1000 plus dollars.

I didn't say it was going to be a 1 day thing because its all about my self belief and building it on the matter.

Instead I was drawn to the consciousness project and how we influence machines at the quantum level.

I am planning on working with one of those devices to practice my intention more scientifically and keep logs.

At this point I don't have much to share, more coincidences but nothing really worthy of writing about.

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Hello My names Alex, and I practice The Law Of Attraction.

The law of attraction taught me how to start taking control of my life with my thoughts.

I learned to control my mindset with my thoughts, and to also control the events I experience with visualization.

I have done about 2 years of hypnosis, and meditation on the subject.

I want everyone to know the limits of reality are able to be broken, with practice and some self belief.

Anything is possible.

For those on this forum who are seeking others with real abilities to learn these abilities that are "out of this world" I want you to know that this path is crazy at times and can even drive someone insane.

My only method of creating my will on reality is this..


Visualization needs to be practised and developed in meditation.. Then once you have developed the ability to visualize you need to move onto creating a realistic visualization/image while your eyes are open then you are ready.

With practice you will experience things that no one would ever thought possible.

I don't claim to be able to move objects directly with my mind.

BUT I can for instance visualize it moving and have a group of events lead up to the moving of it.

Thanks for reading.

Visualation is hard so I just talk to my subconscious when in trance instead of showing it what I want it to so.

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if you know you know, for one week try not to think your a nut case, wether you work in a warehouse or you are on 6 figures just take some notes. The big question is: do your thoughts make things happen or do your thoughts tell u what's going to happen, I still don't know, FACT this works if you work at it

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The idea of this "secret" is pretty ancient. It's just that folks nowadays like to market stuff as if they made it up. So self-fulfilling prophecy. If you believe you're going to be successful, then half of the battle is over.

Anyway, it might not be as easy as saying I want to win the lottery and then it happens, but you never know. Some people actually do win the lottery. What could it hurt to tell yourself you were going to win it?

Once in a while, I do sigil magic. Even though I have health insurance, I ended up with some medical bills. So I did a sigil over it. I started with "I want to get out of debt," broke it down and made a pretty sigil, then I charged it. I'll be getting some money from sale of property soon, and I'll be able to pay off those bills.

Now...did my "magic" work? Would I have gotten the money anyway? Is the timing just better now?

As far as I'm concerned, if I can now get out of debt, none of those things really matter to me.

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