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Who is really sponsoring transhumanism ?

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Nigel Kerner: Envision a world in the not too distant future in which immortality has been achieved in the form of virtual databases containing all the information biological and psychological of each individual human being. These electronic databases can be used to reconstruct individuals even if the original model is long gone. Before 2050, Ray Kurzweil predicts that AI and nanotech will have advanced so far that our brains, with their memories, capabilities and characteristics, can be reduced to pure information and programmed into a non-biological interface be it a supercomputer, or a swarm of nanobots. He believes the essence to our immortal existence without end lies in a ‘continuity of pattern.’ A purely secularised pattern and no more.

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I remember back when they said we would have underwater cities and flying cars by the year 2000. There are so many problems with this prediction it's not even funny--

- The vast majority of the world does not have regular access to computers (or any kind of advanced technology for that matter)

- The vast majority of the world already believes in immortality of the spirit, I doubt they would take kindly to being put into a database to become some kind of nanobot swarm.

- The small portion of the world with access to this kind of technology consists of separate countries that would happily blow one another to pieces to get their hands on this kind of technology.

- Even if this small portion of the world doesn't kill itself, most countries are deep in debt. We're talking billions of dollars (or 50 trillion if you count the U.S. alone). Since so much scientific research relies on government funding, the financial prospects of projects like this are dubious at best.

- And, finally, 2050 is only 40 years away. Give me a break.

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They should add the info stored in a person's DNA.

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