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Signature Size Guidelines


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Signature Rules and Guidelines

Q. Why are there size restrictions on signatures ?

A. A signature is intended as a short endpiece for your posts, it will appear underneath every post you make on the forum and should be as minimal as possible. Large signatures or lengthy passages of text are unnecessary, destracting and take ages to load for users on dial-up.

Q. Why has my signature been removed ?

A. If your signature violates the below signature guidelines then it will be removed. These limits are here to make the forum as easy to browse as possible, massive signatures do nothing but hinder other users.

Q. What are the current signature size limits ?

A. The maximum allowed signature graphic size is 500x150 pixels :

user posted image

The signature graphic should be no larger than 50k in size. To see how large your signature graphic is, right click on it and select 'Properties'. If you're signature is within the 500x150 limit but is larger than 50k then you should convert it into a .jpg in order to reduce its file size. In any case as small a signature as possible is preferred.

Your signature will be removed if it:

  • is larger than the above mentioned size limits
  • contains several 'stacked' images that total in size to more than the above mentioned size limits
  • contains links to commercial products or services
  • is overly distracting - i.e; bright flashing images etc.
  • contains links to illegal content, warez, pornography etc.
  • contains images of an unsuitable or adult nature
  • contains more than 500 characters of text
Q. I want a signature image, can I host it on UM ?

A. No, our server is not intended as an image hosting service. You will need to upload the image to some web space in order to use it on the forum in your signature.

Q. How do I know how many characters is in my signature ?

A. Click 'check length' underneath the signature box in your control panel to see how many characters your signature is using compared to the allowed number of characters.

Q. My signature is only slightly over the limit ? Can't you let me off ?

A. There's no point having a limit if you have a signature that exceeds it. The limit applies to everyone.

Q. How large can my profile quote be ?

You can have up to 150 characters ( including spaces ) in your profile quote, thats about 5 or 6 lines worth of text.

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