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Still Waters

World's most expensive dessert £22,000

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Still Waters
As tempting as this dessert looks, you might just lose your appetite when you see the price tag.

Styled like a Faberge Easter egg, the chocolate concoction will set you back an eye-watering £22,000.

It's believed to have battered all previous records courtesy of its lavish list of ingredients, which includes gold, champagne caviar and a two-carat diamond.

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Aw geez, another one? Who wants to eat a two carat diamond, that's sure to hurt as it's passing through. And if you aren't supposed to eat it, it shouldn't count. I could encrust a snickers bar with diamonds and make a more expensive dessert, but it would still be just a candy bar once all the diamonds are picked off of it to make it consumable.

It is pretty though :)

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