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Occupy Hollywood

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Visited the piratebay to find this article through their main page, which had a bold, black "Occupy Hollywood" banner. Obviously just used the "Occupy" name to further their campaign against the evil powers that be infringing on their god given right to illegally download whatever they want.

Occupy Hollywood

But from this, I see more and more that it seems one group of protesters of Wall Street have spawned quite a socially/economically/political/etc etc etc movement. Now many other groups of protesters of any movement are having an "Occupy" put before their cause and getting power.

Very interesting rising of people growing in a short amount of time across the globe. Curious to see how it all comes together and how it all will end up.

[bad joke]Hopefully not in rapidly escalating rage and fighting, as we are nearing Dec. 21, 2012. Let's keep the uprising plans clear and not nuclear.[/bad joke]

edit - Forgot to add the whole point of this topic. People are assembling throughout the world for different reasons, thanks to a recent popular boost. I see this going 3 ways.

1.As the norm it seems these days (at least in the U.S.), no real change of substance will happen. Eventually the uprisings will lose steam and die down.

2. Positive change will come from all of this, due to a building sense of common distaste among the population of the world.

3. Negative change will occur as a dividing line will be created between government and the common people, and numerous bad events will surface, possibly becoming huge bad events.

Which of these 3 scenarios do you think will result?

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Top-ranking Obama administration officials, including the U.S. copyright czar, played an active role in secret negotiations between Hollywood, the recording industry and ISPs to disrupt internet access for users suspected of violating copyright law, according to internal White House e-mails.

"Your resume looks great, when can you start?"

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