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100-year-old marathon man runs for a Guinness

Still Waters

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Fauja Singh, a 100-year-old British man, has run his way to eight running world records and is aiming to set another, when he takes part in the Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

Mr Singh broke the records for 100-year-old men in eight distances from 100m to 5,000m on Thursday. Guinness World Records will be on hand on Sunday to document his attempt at completing a full marathon distance.

Born in India in 1911, he started competitive running at the age of 89, after losing his wife and son.

His translator and coach Harmandar Singh said that ''running has given him a new focus in life''.

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Good on him. Lets just hope it isnt his last race :)

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It wasn't, he finished in a little over eight hours.

Thank you - Update

Mr Singh, from Ilford, east London, ran the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in eight hours, 25 minutes and 16 seconds.

He finished in 3,850th place ahead of five other competitors.


Good for him :tu:

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That is awesome!

My only question is who are the other 5 that he finished in front of? Dear lord, that might be a good reason to give up marathons if your getting bested by a 100 year old man. lol

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Rut roh, the sad thing is: I'm 31 and he'd probably run circles around me. :( I need to get in shape! What a wakeup call.

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Sorry, I am calling BS. Look at his skin and facial features. Unless he has been investing in Botox and Nip/Tuck there is no way he is as old as he claims. He obviously is not a "young" man, so kudos to him for his endeavors, but 100? Nah, I would have to see better proof than just say so.

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