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Guest J E F

book that grew thicker

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Guest J E F

At the beginning of the 2nd week of January my wife, who was doing homework for college, asked me to get our copy of Kant from our set of The Great Books in our book room. I looked, found it and checked it three times to make sure and handed it to her. She, like all older wives, checked her husband's choice and opened the book to check it. She carried it to the kitchen where her computer was.

The book we saw was about 3/7ths of an inch thick, had a green label tag with 'Kant' printed on it in gold letters. This book sat on the table with her computer until the next week end when she finally had time to use it. During that week I had seen it once and everything was normal.

1-19-03, morning. She complained to me that the Kant was missing and that all she had now was a copy of 'Rabelais'. It was the same thickness and had the same green label. I ran to the book room and searched and found that Kant was now a book with a red label and that it was 3 times as thick as the week before.

Having been a QC inspector for some 13 years I know what I saw the first time and I know how difficult it would have been for 2 people to have made the checks we made and missed the difference between 'Kant' and 'Rabelais'. For one thing Kant is a very short word and looks nothing like Rabelais.

This is the second such event like this for us. The first was when my family of 4 discovered that my car with brown interior suddenly had black seatbelts, though we knew it once had brown ones just like the interior. I blew that off, but not this revcent one. I believe Kant died in 1785 and that he only wrote 1/3 of the works that books now contain. I believe 19 years was added to his life and that this rift in time - though it has effected everyone else - did not effect us. How this happened I am not sure.

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maybe youre a little color blind, like me smile.gif

although if anyone deserved a little more time on the earth, it would certainly be Kant. he is a truly a man whose ideas i admire.

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And the book got a little bit thicker, a little more reading does'nt go a stray................................ biggrin.gif

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