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Encouraged by the Light Book free for members

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DANGER: I have an idea!

Since my 63 birthday is just around the corner, Saturday, 3-Dec-11, and I have nobody to celebrate it with, I thought I would make my book Encouraged by the Light, available as your party favor; for free; as a one-time download, one-time open, non-printable PDF. (If you have a friend you want to give it to, just have them join UM and request the book from me.)

That is kinda restrictive I know, but I don't want to find out it has been propagated everywhere before I get a chance to market it.

I am doing so as a "Thank you!" for this incredible membership and site. It has been an amazing encouragement to me while I was needing it most!

If you are also willing to review the book, and provide me with permission to use the review, I will provide you with an autographed copy free of cost and shipping. Yes, even the $15 of shipping to Australia and/or England, and most everywhere else!

I hate to do all the work to do this if nobody is going to read the book though. So, please send me a personal message if you will read it, while I start to prepare such a link, with which to accomplish this, since I just thought of this today.

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Sounds great man, good idea... I'll give it a go.

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