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9/11: The Flight 77 Eyewitnesses

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Only when Australian men avoid engaging with the topic, and resort to snide criticisms.

Discuss away, and we're good.

I don't mind being disagreed with, and if I am mistaken, I welcome the opportunity to learn something. But so far, all you have done is post Eric Bart's witness testimonies compilation in one indigestible chunk as though that proves something, and mock.

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@RubyGray, you've presented a lot of information. Most of it has been debunked long ago. I don't know what the point was for you to re-engage this topic. What was/is your goal?

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"Debunking" requires much more than "disagreeing with" or "ridiculing".

Yes, I have presented a lot of information, and NO, most of it has NOT been "debunked long ago".

Most of it is brand new evidence.

Imagine you had been wrongly accused, charged and convicted, on circumstantial photographic evidence, of a high profile murder, languishing on death row, longing for somebody to exonerate you.

Then, 18 years later, along came somebody with not just one, but several independent realtime, concurrent datestamped or chronologically-identifiable videos from numerous vantage points, proving that you were nowhere near the scene of the crime, and also showing the actual criminals in the act of setting you up for the murder. 

Would you reject that new evidence vindicating yourself, as glibly as you reject newly discovered evidence that proves Lloyde England's cab was 400 yards north of the bridge when a pole was "driven down like a javelin" through his windscreen, after a large plane flew over his cab?

Evidence that shows the arrival and progress of the white van Lloyde described, whose driver helped him pull out the pole, then drove on down to the bridge until after Lloyde's cab had been relocated there?

Evidence that proves a towtruck was waiting at the cemetery wall to transport his cab to the bridge?

Evidence that proves the Secretary of Defense had foreknowledge of this seemingly minor traffic accident, such that within 9 minutes of the impact, he had seconded his own bodyguard to personally collect supposedly unknown and random cab driver Lloyde England, deliver him to the bridge, and supervise him while a series of photos was belatedly taken by a military photographer, to fraudulently imply that Lloyde and his cab had been hit by a lightpole downed by a plane as it flew across the bridge?

That, at the very least, amounts to perverting the course of justice. Setting up an innocent victim, and using this circumstantial evidence against his personal testimony to shift the blame for their own crime onto a group of 19 people who were, conveniently, supposed to be dead.

9/11 was the crime of the century, and the perpetrators have gotten away with it. They imagine it was the perfect crime, with all evidence so tigjhtly controlled by themselves, but they reckoned without these videos that incriminate them.

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