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Pilots witness UFO over Manchester airport -

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Interesting UFO case involving pilots of a Boeing 737 witnessing a UFO over Manchester airport in January 1995 -the witnesses describe a wedged shaped object with a possible black stripe down the side and 'small white lights rather like an illuminated Christmas tree' which came very close to their aircraft at high speed from the opposite direction, it also states in the report that one of the pilots actualy ducked thinking there would be a collision. Doug Robb and Anthony Booth make some interesting comments in the video about the case and, although the incident was the subject of an official CAA investigation, the object still remains unexplained.

SUMMARY OF INFORMATION TO JAS THE B737 PILOT reports that he was over the Pennines, about 8 or 9 NM SE of Manchester Airport, at 4000ft, while being radar vectored by Manchester radar on 119.4. He was flying at 180-210 kt on a N heading and squaking 5734 with Mode C selected. Although it was dark, visibility was over 10 km with a fairly strong NW wind (340/30). While flying just above the tops of some rugged Cu both he and the first officer saw a lighted (see JAS notes) object fly down the RH side of the ac at a high speed from the opposite direction. He was able to track the object through the RH windscreen and side window, having it is sight for a total of about 2 seconds. There was no apparent sound or wake. The first officer instinctively 'ducked' as it went by.

B737 (1848) - 'c/s we just had something go down the RHS just above us very fast.'

Manchester - 'Well, there's nothing seen on radar. Was it er an ac?'

B737 - 'Well, it had lights, it went down the starboard side very quick.'

Manchester - 'And above you?'

B737 - 'er, just slightly above us, year.'

Manchester - 'Keep an eye out for something, er, I can't see anything at all at the moment so, er, must have,

er, been very fast or gone down very quickly after it passed you I think.'

B737 - 'OK. Well, there you go!'

Pilot sketch of the object:




Newspaper articles

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Reports of third eye-witness who also spotted the object from the ground:

Jan. 6, 1995; Pennine Alps in Derbyshire, England
6:40 PM. A British Airways Boeing-737 flight with 60 passengers aboard was buzzed by a bright wedge-shaped object as it flew over the Pennine Alps in Derbyshire, England on its descent to Manchester Airport. The object appeared to be only meters in front of the airliner as it flew at 13,000 feet, and it was so close that the co-pilot instinctively reacted by ducking down inside the cockpit. It had small lights, made no attempt to change course, and made no discernable sound or turbulance. The object did not appear on radar. However, there was at least one witness on the ground to the close encounter.

(Sources: Curt Sutherly, UFO Mysteries: A Reporter Seeks the Truth, p. 194; Dominique Weinstein, Aircraft UFO Encounters, p. 47; Lynn Picknett, Mammoth Book of UFOs, p. 156; Michael Hesemann, UFOs: The Secret History; FSR, March 1995).

Catalogue of Military,Airliner and Private Pilots Sightings from 1916 -2000 (pdf)

NICAP UFO Chronology -1995

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cheers for all the info Karl.

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