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The Bush "Guard memos" are forgeries!

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First off, before I start getting a lot of the wrong kind of mail: I am not a fan of George Bush. But I am even less a fan of attempts to commit fraud, and particularly by a complete and utter failure of those we entrust to ensure that if the news is at least accurate. I know it is asking far too much to expect the news to be unbiased. But the people involved should not actually lie to us, or promulgate lies created by hoaxers, through their own incompetence.

There has been a lot of activity on the Internet recently concerning the forged CBS documents. I do not even dignify this statement with the traditional weasel-word “alleged”, because it takes approximately 30 seconds for anyone who is knowledgeable in the history of electronic document production to recognize this whole collection is certainly a forgery, and approximately five minutes to prove to anyone technically competent that the documents are a forgery. I was able to replicate two of the documents within a few minutes. At time I a writing this, CBS is stonewalling. They were hoaxed, pure and simple. CBS failed to exercise anything even approximately like due diligence. I am not sure what sort of "expert" they called in to authenticate the document, but anything I say about his qualifications to judge digital typography is likely to be considered libelous (no matter how true they are) and I would not say them in print in a public forum.

I am one of the pioneers of electronic typesetting. I was doing work with computer typesetting technology in 1972 (it actually started in late 1969), and I personally created one of the earliest typesetting programs for what later became laser printers, but in 1970 when this work was first done, lasers were not part of the electronic printer technology (my way of expressing this is “I was working with laser printers before they had lasers”, which is only a mild stretch of the truth). We published a paper about our work (graphics, printer hardware, printer software, and typesetting) in one of the important professional journals of the time (D.R. Reddy, W. Broadley, L.D. Erman, R. Johnsson, J. Newcomer, G. Robertson, and J. Wright, "XCRIBL: A Hardcopy Scan Line Graphics System for Document Generation," Information Processing Letters (1972, pp.246-251)). I have been involved in many aspects of computer typography, including computer music typesetting (1987-1990). I have personally created computer fonts, and helped create programs that created computer fonts. At one time in my life, I was a certified Adobe PostScript developer, and could make laser printers practically stand up and tap dance. I have written about Microsoft Windows font technology in a book I co-authored, and taught courses in it. I therefore assert that I am a qualified expert in computer typography.

The Bush "Guard memos" are forgeries!

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It would be quite easy for CBS to prove the authenticity of the memos. Simply give the 'originals' to an expert. But there is one problem with that. There are no originals. CBS doesn't have them and their 'source' indicated they would not be forthcoming. The big question then is why CBS ran with the story in the first place when they didn't even have the original documentation to prove its legitimacy.

CBS is a tool of the Democrats plain and simple as are ABC and NBC. They are dinosaur networks and they know it. They cannot compete with the cable news sources and I believe they are just giving their last hurrah for Kerry. What a way for Dan Rather to go out...amidst cover-up and controversy.

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New doubts on Bush military memos

Fresh doubts have surfaced on the authenticity of memos on US President George W Bush's military record.

The documents say Mr Bush was suspended from flying for the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam war because he failed to meet its standards.

In the latest twist, the secretary who would have typed the memos said they appeared to have been forged.

However, Marian Carr Knox told CBS television - which first broke the story - that the content was truthful.

With national security a key issue in the US presidential elections on 2 November, supporters of Mr Bush and Democratic nominee John Kerry have been attacking each candidate's Vietnam records.

Republicans have attacked Mr Kerry's war service and Democrats have accused the president of ducking the draft call in favour of less dangerous duties.

Content remains

Last week, CBS reported that it had obtained documents from Mr Bush's late Texas commander, saying Mr Bush discussed with him how to avoid drills during 1972.

In a memo, Lt Col Jerry Killian, who died 20 years ago, also said he was being pressured from his superior to give Mr Bush a positive evaluation.

But his secretary told CBS Evening News on Wednesday: "I know that I didn't type them."

"However, the information in those is correct," Ms Knox said.

CBS News president Andrew Heyward said in a statement: "I'm very confident in the report, but I want to get to the bottom of these continuing questions."

Correspondents say the row over the authenticity of the documents has distracted attention from their contents.


After CBS obtained the documents, the White House released its records showing Mr Bush's suspension also resulted from his failure to take his annual medical test as required.

Mr Bush trained as a pilot while a member of the Texas and Alabama air national guard but never flew in combat.

Documents already released by the White House show that Mr Bush was suspended from flight status in 1972 for not having a medical test - but do not mention his alleged failure to comply with national guard standards.

Some forensic experts have said the memos appear to have been computer-generated with characteristics that were not available three decades ago.

Kerry's aides deny any links to the records

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