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Very simplified description of life origin

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I just watched this video at TED.com and found it informative and interesting.

The first thing I'll mention about it is it's dated (1994). The second thing is its really not about evolution. Well not human evolution anyway. It's more about the evolution of technology and it's roll in society. But he uses a very basic and laid back description of the origin of life to make his point. Of how random "nothing" came together to form something.

For example he talks about random computer code basically being asked to sequence numbers. It won't work of course because the code is random. But by luck some of the code was able to sequence 1 and 2 together. So just that portion of code is used and the rest discarded. The process continues where the code left kind forms new code (similar to reproduction). Anyway, you'll have to watch it to see what I mean. If you only want the part I found to fit this section of UM. fast forward the video to about 5:20

Just thought I'd share. I know it's dates and very simplified. But I enjoyed it.

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I found the video very interesting. Thanks for posting it.

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