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Ghosts in our dimensions


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Tammy A. Branom: Ghosts. I have long pondered if they truly exist or not. Although I watch many of ghost programs on television, the evidence is still elusive both to the investigators and to me. Are ghosts the manifestations of the dead? Many religions say no. In fact, Christianity declares ghosts to be demons pretending to be the spirits of loved ones, such as the entities coming forth from Ouija boards. So where does that leave the "Holy Ghost?" Oh, and what about Jesus rising from the dead? Are these outside of realm of the spirit world?

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From the link above...

If Earth's rotation speed could be increased, time for us would slow.


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Wow this is one of the best topics ever, because the things written in here were in my mind.

But I thought that I would be the only one thinking like that and I didn't even spend time researching like you did.

I would really love to work in an institure wich researches this because it's motivating.

Thanks I loved readin this

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