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Target: Japan

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William B Stoecker: Those of us who believe that there is a global cult or network of similar cults who control international banking and are slowly establishing a one world fascist dictatorship have noticed that, over the years, they have targeted certain nations in particular for their activities, nations that, because of their location and/or strong economies and military potential, can be used by the elites to dominate other nations and to engineer the bloody wars which seem to delight them. Certainly they targeted Germany, which is where the Illuminati first emerged publicly, and France, where they engineered a bloody revolution and created the first modern example of true fascism. America, which they seem to regard as a New Atlantis, began to be subdued by them in 1913, with the income tax, direct election of senators, and the creation of the Federal Reserve. England, with its powerful banks, its navy, and its worldwide empire, is another example. And then there is Japan, with its naval and maritime trade potential, its highly intelligent people, and its bushido warrior tradition.

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