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Still Waters

Are crashed flying saucers ludicrous?

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Still Waters
The continuing discussion about crashed saucers in the 40s and 50s is baffling.

UFOs no longer crash, that’s a certainty. They just appear, helter-skelter it seems.

But in the 1940s and 1950s it seems flying saucers crashed all over the place, and the near-Roswell crash still resonates among UFO devotees.

But how serious can one take such accounts?

If flying disks came from other galaxies, star-systems, or other cosmological venues, even from other dimensions or time, how feasible is it that the physical perturbations of Earth could down them?

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The issue is, were the UFOs actually visitors from elsewhere or were they test ships made by the US government? The whole Roswell thing could have been a ship testing gone wrong with burnt monkeys that everyone mistook for aliens. :alien: *I know... I am not usually a skeptic, so bit of different stance for me* I really believe that if Aliens had landed, visited, crashed... there would be no covering it up... it would be impossible to cover something like that up. Yes, I do think that there is some kind of cover up... but I really don't think that Aliens have reached us yet because I think that we would all be aware of it by now.

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