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[Merged] Does this prove i'm psychic ?

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Im a psychological entertainer from South Africa, I perform hypnosis, nlp ,read minds ,use body language techniques.

Does this prove im psychic?

I ask people to imagine that thy-re having a nightmare and i try to get inside they're mind to predict and what point it ends and how.

sorry about the video quality. my new videos will be better assure you:)

The next effect is any card at any number,it is a legendary effect and you'll see why when watching this video.hope you enjoy.

In the next video i attempt to influence people to make specific decisions and risk my money doing so..hope you enjoy..i do not claim to be psychic

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Wordless Wanderer

How about you tell me whats on my mind right now? PM me with the answer

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Of course not...

Maybe if you were able to reproduce the 'test' in a controlled environment numerous times with more definitive results...


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