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The Phenomenon Bruno Groening

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Bruno Groening was a fascinating man. I copy-pasted the following from >this source.

Is there anyone on UM who can relate any personal experiences, as a result of this information?

Comments and discussion appreciated,


Documentary film

Three trailers on the documentary film

In the spring of 1949 thousands streamed to Herford in Westphalia. In the fall of the same year up to 30,000 people daily were drawn to the "Traberhof" near Rosenheim. An army of the wretched, the sick and suffering. They had only one goal -Bruno Groening. For many it was the last hope. Beaten down by war, given up by the physicians, these people had only one wish - to become well, to be freed from misery and pain. Bruno Groening should help them. "The Phenomenon Bruno Groening" traces the dramatic events of the time, proceeding on the trail of this unusual man.


Life and Work of Bruno Groening

Information from the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends

A film by Thomas Eich

Born in Danzig in 1906, Bruno Groening achieved world fame in 1949 because of the many healings he effected. When the media circulated the first sensational reports, thousands of people from all over Europe and as far afield as America converged on him wherever he appeared - and miraculous healings took place. But the opposition to him was strong. The authorities, the medical fraternity and the Church obstructed his work wherever possible, and until his death in 1959 he met with resistance and legal actions. Grete Häusler, who today heads the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends, takes up the story after 1959, and people, who have been cured by following his teachings, report their experiences.

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Today people in general are very skeptical about spiritual aspects in practical life experiences. That may explain why this OP has had over a hundred viewers, but not a single comment. Looking around on Google just now, I came across this 2010 promotional for a lecture-series about Bruno Groening.

Do you think that physical healing through spiritual means can be a real and practical possibility in today's world? What are your thoughts about such people as Groening?

In October 2008, the university halls in Toronto and San Francisco were filled, and in 2009, it was the same in Washington DC, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati as hundreds of Canadians and Americans seized the opportunity to attend Help and Healing Through the Teachings of Bruno Groening. Doctors from Europe, Russia and North America stood together, backed by scientific evidence, in reaction to Bruno Groening's statement, “There is no incurable. There is a higher power which can help every human being.”

Help and healing are possible for all kinds of conditions such as osteoporosis, heroin addiction, depression, exhaustion, asthma, arthritis, decade long chronic pain, allergies, stomach and bowel pain and many other diseases. Doctors from all continents have joined together, reviewing and documenting healings of people in more than 70 countries. The healed people and the doctors have opened themselves to a healing power, which everyone can absorb effortlessly and without cost. This healing power surrounds the entire body. “You sometimes feel a streaming or tingling sensation. It is a very pleasant feeling,” states Dr. Professor Beketova from Kiev. “You can experience it now. Open your heart.”

Around the globe thousands of people have found their way to these lectures.

The basis for this worldwide healing phenomenon is the simple and unique teachings of Bruno Groening, who lived in Europe between 1906 and 1959. “Trust and believe, the divine power helps and heals,” he said again and again.

Up to 30,000 people came to Groening in a single day. He spoke with clear and sincere words, and many in the audience became healthy. “Separate yourself from the illness. It doesn’t belong to you. I will help you reconnect to the divine power,” he said.

Groening left behind knowledge of the laws of a healing power that is so strong that it can help every living thing. People need to realize how to open their hearts and themselves to this all-pervasive energy. It is so easy and effortless that even children can do it.

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