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Wrestlemania 28

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I'm so stoked about Wrestlemania this year!

CM Punk v Chris Jericho

Sheamus v Daniel Bryan

Triple H v The Undertaker

John Cena v The Rock

Anyone else hyped up like I am? :D

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CM Punks vs Jericho should be a very good build up. Cant wait to hear more of their promo's together. They are both brilliant on the mic.

Sheamus vs Brian also has some potential though no where near CM vs Y2J for me.

Dont know what to think of Taker vs HHH for the 3rd time. Hoping HBK somehow gets involved in the mix as a guest referee or other compacity. Personally I hope HBK makes his in ring return to draw with Taker and HHH. It would give Taker a nice send off and only establish the legacy of the 3 even more. Taker is getting to old for the in ring work.

John Cena vs The Rock has been the most hyped match for over a year now. They both have alot of potential and can easily put on a 5 star match. Somehow I do see Cena perform his "Superman act" again and that is getting annoying. He is a good in ring wrestler, his mic work is awesome too, but he cant seem to sell an injury/beating in the ring after he starts hitting his flying shoulders.

4 Matches isnt nearly enough for Wrestlemania so hoping they add a few more matches to the card. Hopefully an IC Match (Big Show vs Rhodes?), and Kane vs Randy Orton for brand supremacy?

Cant wait for April 1st though, thats for sure!

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