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The Astral Dream Atlantis Thread

bLu3 de 3n3rgy

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On 4/10/2014 at 1:40 AM, Alimond said:

Hello all, I am new here. I found this forum by way of looking into the meaning of dreams relating to Atlantis. I had a very clear dream which has stuck with me these past few months and am interested in feedback.

I was at a house, actually in the shed built onto the house, located down the road in the neighborhood where I live. It was kind of a long hall like space which was open on one end with a long narrow table.

It was daytime but there was enough shadow inside that I couldn't clearly see the man who was there to my left, just the outline as it was light on the other side of the building, and the masks he had on the table were somewhat shadowed. This was someone I knew and I had stopped by while meandering around one afternoon. He was explaining to me that he believed they were from Atlantis, in the dream this wasn't so outlandish it was kind of matter of fact as if we were discussing artifacts from Hungary, for example.

I say masks, because I think this is how they were being referred to, they were more like sculptures of faces, about the size of actual human faces and maybe a bit larger. They were painted white, and each one was embellished differently with designs, but with the commonality of coming all from a specific culture, which was a slightly strange style like nothing I had seen before. I suppose they were somewhat similar to Dia de los Muertos skulls, but not in that cultural style.

I was standing at the end of the shed where one side was open and leaning on the table, there was more light there, kind of a beam from above as if there were a hole in the roof. I was in the light area and it fell on the table fully illuminating one face and a bit of some around it. I was staring in fascination at them, in particular the illuminated one right in front of me as the man was talking to me about them and slowly this realization and memory came over me. "Oh my, I made this, or one just like it when I was little" I finally said. This was followed by some contemplative silence as I stared at the face and he stared at me, I looked back into the dark and he simply nodded in acknowledgement.


So then it took another turn, I walked back down the road thinking about this experience, past my house and took a left turn onto another road, looked behind me and a large school bus colored truck, which seemed to be either speckled with black or the metal was perforated in a consistent pattern, with monster truck wheels rolled by turning up another road to the left (the representation of the neighborhood was all very accurate in my dream, except that the road the truck took doesn't exist). Although I had no conversation with the driver, who appeared to be the nay person on board, I had some immediate knowledge that he was heading up north to the next creek (which I can see, it's a few miles away in open land) to look for Sasquatch. I watched it drive off into the open land and then woke up.


A note about these subjects in relation to my waking life; I live in a very remote community in mountains which people say are inhabited by Sasquatch, I haven't had any such experiences outside of the dream. When I was growing up, in another remote mountain area, I had found a small necklace of a white face with a mask painted around the eyes (or someone gave it to me, can't quite remember). I liked it very much, and being fascinated with masks and jesters I cast clay duplicates to paint in all kinds of ways, I was actually remembering these in the dream.

Hey, Alimand, your post is very cool. I too experience elements from waking life in my dreams and, when I feel a dream has been meaningful, I try to cancel those out first by looking at recurring symbols from previous dreams or by figuring out where the symbol comes from in waking life. I've come to the realisation that we all have a symbolic subconscious language. Every symbol means something that is specific to us, or else why would our subconscious mechanise itbin the dream? And sometimes the dreams don't just contain subconscious detail but prophetic warnings; I still struggle to tell the difference. But it a ton of fun trying to puzzle it all out and explore one'self.. happy dreaming*

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Alimond hasn't been back since a few days after posting 5 years ago. 

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