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Rennes-Le-Chateau and the UFO

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Dan Green: The mystery that revolves around the small village of Rennes-le-Chateau in France is for many nothing more than a clever fabrication or tourist hype, though the unsolved fact remains that the parish priest in charge there during the 1890's, that rascal Berenger Sauniere, somehow appeared to amass an overnight fortune by way of some 'secret' he had either stumbled across or knew of, the nature of his accumulated wealth and any such secret having being argued over now for the last 40 years. Tales of political intrigue, attempts to instigate a titular head of a new Pan-European monarchy courtesy of a ferociously guarded hidden royal bloodline, and an awaiting 'treasure' of unparalleled wealth awaiting to be discovered, are the two enduring hypothesis submitted to explain Sauniere's secret. Sacred geometrical shapes have been discovered in the landscape in the valley (which, remarkably, has now been found to duplicate in Lincolnshire) evident from strategic placing of churches and rock formation peaks, hinting at a secret on an even larger scale, for who could have been responsible for such an immense and deliberate construction and why? Certainly not the local Tourist Board! Those awaiting the day science fiction becomes science fact daringly suggest that the entire Rennes region conceals an inter-dimensional reality.

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I just wonder how Mr Green could see Red Eye in N'glish from a Latin word which waa itself translated from the ancient Langue d'Oc Razes?

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