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Greens Hotel Investigation

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March 13th 2012

The reason for the investigation is due to the paranormal claims from guests and the owner.

Ever since the owner,Jeff, moved into the Greens Hotel there has been weird activity. Jeff believes the entity is a benevolent spirit who is protective over him. He claimed that at one point he had an object in his hand and the object was thrown from his hand. He found later that he could have died or been seriously injured from the object. I have no idea what the object was.

According a guest who stayed inside room 'v' he heard sounds of someone walking in the room or they would smell a scent of sweet perfume. During construction Jeff was painting the hotel room he turned, an apparition in the door way. According to him, boxes have moved with no explanation and light bulbs have suddenly burst. Both his wife and his clients have heard a women’s voice come from inside the room even though it was un-occupied. They would hear footsteps pacing on the floor above them.

Jeff was told, by the previous owner that a prostitute had been strangle in the 1970’s, in room 'V' by an unknown man.

The previous owners claim that the cleaning women were afraid to go into room 'v'.

During our investigation inside the hotel room 'v' we had a few things that occurred.

I was video taping Renee getting the information about the hotel from her.

We finished and walked by the the door getting ready to open it and go outside.

When we opened it Felicia was standing there. She then tells us, 'I have been knocking on the door, didn't you hear me?!'

Both Renee and I looked at each other and told her 'NO'

We did not hear her and we then asked her to demonstrate her knock.

We should have heard her knock! Maybe we just have bad hearing but it was a little weird.

Then we placed our trigger item that Anne brought..A condom and set it on the edge of the bathroom sink with the camera facing it.

When we finished filming the condom was on the floor. Our camera did not even pick up it falling even though we played it back frame by frame.

I am thinking that it must have fallen right after it was set up on the sink. Right as she was walking out of the bathroom.

We did not have evidence substantial enough say whether it was paranormal. We were only allowed access from 7-9 but got started at 8pm. It was not enough time to test everything out.

The owner said that we are able to come back and stay overnight for free. It would be better to spend more time evaluating all of the activity claimed. For now we can't say either way.

Check out our videos

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What I don't see is that immediately after someone finds out that someone has been strangled, there has to be some paranormal things. I've been through a haunting and sometimes all it takes is some kind of negative energy to attract something.

People also believe that the strangled girl is doing things, when it is possible that its not her but an imposter pretending to be her.

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Hey, welcome to UM! So, you had only an hour for your research and data collecting correct? That's a bummer. What Standards of Operations do you implement while collecting data? What steps are taken to create a solid scientific basis for your collection? What steps are taken to nullify all natural occurrences, natural noise, natural phenomenon etc in order rule these things out? What type of SOP Logging do you do?

It sounds like you weren't able to catch much data anyway but, I'm still curious as to all of my above questions. Thank you! Hope you're having a good weekend.

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