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Genesis ch. 1-11 Historical or metaphor?

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I really would encourage you to read my treatise on the subject. I think PA’s parallelism and poetry is there. Water would have been created on the first part of day 3 as comets crashed to Earth during its initial formation. The Expanse is space itself and Dark Matter, Dark Energy, dust and gas. If GOD showed Adam the act of creation, it was more than likely through visions sped up considerably (or perhaps Adam was taken out of the context of time completely). You could consider that Adam’s position (or point of view) in this framework would be where the Earth would eventually be. So of course in his point of view, the Earth was void and formless and stayed that way until day three when dry land appeared.

The broad outline of creation is thus:

1) “Let there be light!” (Event 0 - Big Bang)

2) Expanse (Universe)

3) Earth – Plants

4) Stars (and solar systems form)

5) Fish – Birds

6) Animals-Man

7) GOD rested.

You should have also added:

8) God's number for beginning again that which is already --- No longer was creation being spoken into existence; but with His hand like a potter with clay on the 8th day God created Man (capitalized - the proper name of a person place or thing - Adam, the first Jew. Jesus' genealogy goes all the way back to Man and that is why He was called the son of Man. (You might remember Jesus arose from the grave on the 8th day -- beginning again a new religion of that which was already.) Day 6 was Gentiles. "Gen" means beginning, "tiles" means baked clays.

If Genesis 1 - 11 has changed from history to mythlogy - then God has lied. He said it is He who will keep the His word which He dictated from ever dying or changingl.

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