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Still Waters

World's first dog stairlift is developed

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Still Waters
They may be man's best friend, but some dog owners have seemingly been throwing their hungry hounds a few too many bones as hundreds of the UK's favourite pets are being turned into bloated bowwows.

While there may still be a few starving strays on the streets, it would appear that for many pampered pooches the 21st century dog's life involves a lot of eating.

Dog obesity is dramatically on the rise, with insurance company More Than predicting that over half of the nations dogs will be overweight by 2022.

Extra layers of 'puppy' fat can put pressure on an animal's back and cause a plethora of bone, respiratory and skin conditions which can render a pet unable to climb a set of stairs.

That's why munching mutts could soon be able to give a whole new meaning to the term 'doing it doggy style' by taking a gentle ride on a dog stairlift.

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