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The Maitreya Code, Planetary Treasure of Tibet

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Dan Green: Since 2005 I have been investigating and presenting the coded language employed by the Knights Templar in much of my work, a communication thought by many to have been carried on by Freemasonry. It has been given various titles which include that of Bird Ogham, the Language of the birds postulated in medieval literature and occultism as a divine mystical angelic or Enochian language originating, as its title suggests, from birds. Futhermore, I knew it as the Green language of the alchemist Fulcanelli, his 'phonetic law' and 'spoken cabala' encapsulated in the geometry and stone architecture of the alchemically structured Gothic cathedrals, the very reason why I chose my surname as an appropriate pseudonym. It is safe to say that this phonetic and punning multi-lingual word play has been with us for centuries, but even it must have an origin and indeed it has, a Lost Mother Tongue which to find we must traverse far East and to the Himalayas of Tibet.

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