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Ben Masada

The Text Josephus Never Wrote

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Some sources for you to investigate:

Textual Criticism:

Argument from context: Mason, Wells et al. See 8, from Early Christian Writings (ECW).

Poietes - sources summarised here, plus some examples of Eusebius using the phrase. Also, see 10 and 11 from ECW.

Josephus as a priest - The life of Flavious Josephus (written by Josephus). For example:

15 I was now about the thirtieth year of my age; .......and as to what presents were offered me, I despised them, as not standing in need of them. Nor indeed would I take those tithes, which were due to me as a priest, from those that brought them.


I'm having difficulty finding an internet source for the differing position of the Testimonium over time. A crude example, however, would be that Eusibius claims that it is after the passage with John - see ECW 5.

Various Christian Insertions into Jewish War (including the Testimonium) - here.

Tiggs.This may help.Not sure.ECW has got alot of info on Josephus,maybe this will add a lil more.Maybe not.http://www.textexcavation.com/josephustestimonium.html

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Ben Masada

"Jésus ? murmura-t-il, Jésus, de Nazareth ? Je ne me rappelle pas."

Ben, that's the trick-ending climax of a famous fictional short story, "The Procurator of Judea" by Anatole France:


It is perfectly fine that a historian would discuss fiction in order to contrast it with actual events and what is reasonable to infer about them. It is inconceivable, however, that a professional historian like McManners would confuse a famous short story with a historical source document.

Oh well. I guess McManners takes his place alongside Sagan and Dostoevsky as famous dead writers whose works you have rewritten here. I am sure he's flattered.

McManners was/is a Catholic Scholar. Would he endanger Jesus' existence with a fiction?

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