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Still Waters

'Did Jesus Exist?' A Historian Makes His Case

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I've kind of given up, to be honest.

  • I could point out that Acts 11 concerns a prophecy via the Holy Spirit of the upcoming famine, which occurred whilst Paul and Barnabas were in Jerusalem. Most people not called Jor-el would probably conclude that the prophecy event occurred prior to the actual famine itself. Due to it being a prophecy, and all.
  • I could point out that if the famine crosses the rule of both procurators - then the one time that it must absolutely be in force is in the crossover year between the two of them - 46 AD. Basic geometry, and all.
  • I could point out that if you combine those two pieces of information, then there's only one logical conclusion.
  • I could point you to a fifth century historian that also states that the famine occurred in 46 AD. Just for giggles.
  • I could point out that Paul's second visit in Galatians was in response to a revelation. Or as they're known in the trade - a prophecy.

And so on, and so forth.

Even if I did do all of that - the end result, however, would be exactly the same as it is now - you'd find something else, somewhere, with which you'll patch together some sort of apologetic possibility for why it might not be so.

I'm happy that I've demonstrated that a reasonable case can be made for there having been a possible insertion. Others opinions may vary.

I say black. You say white. It's impossible to definitively prove either.

Hence, Meh.

I say black. You say white. It's impossible to definitively prove either.

Hence, Meh.

I like that so much, It think I'll end off right here as well, using the words you so kindly gave us.

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