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Still Waters

Walking with lions while holding their tails

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Looking relaxed despite holding on to a 16-stone rare white lion while walking through the South African bush, Joanne Mockford from Camberley, Surrey, even smiled gamely as one mighty male brushed past her.

And these three white lions are special – with fewer than 100 surviving in the wild, friendly but endangered 15-month-old male, Mohlatsi and his two one-year-old females have been raised from birth to be comfortable in the presence of humans.

Petite Joanne, 30, who now lives in Polokwane, Limpopo Province, South Africa, was taking part in what sounds like one of the most dangerous wildlife tours - walking with lions.

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OK,I just gout ripped apart for this.

I posted it on my Facebook,and one of my friends works for PETA.

I really do not like PETA,or their methods,but my friend works with mostly wild animals being exploited.

Circus animals etc.

He gets sent all over the world ,and hes done work in Africa,and hes been to this sanctuary.

He said these lions have been inbred to be white,and they're hand raised ,not because they're endangered,but because they were all taken from their mothers ,who are still in the wild,and raised on the sanctuary,to be nothing more than a tourist attraction to make money.

He was completely disgusted .

Don't shoot me,im just saying what he told me about this sanctuary,which he knows about first hand.

I mean you think im bad ,hes a vegan.I get yelled at for eating eggs and drinking milk,from cruelty free farms.

Gotta admit,now that's its been pointed out,not even a house cat would let you walk it around by the tail.


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