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Paranormal Investigation of 100 year school

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Detailed information on the School

The Elk Grove Grammer School is the first recorded public school in Sacramento County, the San Joaquin School, built in 1853 at what is now the intersection of Highway 99 and Grant Line Road. The first school with the name of Elk Grove was built in the 1860s a short distance north of the intersection of the present Elk Grove Boulevard and Highway 99.That building still stands at the old Foulks Ranch. The second Elk Grove school also stands, although somewhat lonely, on Frontage Road, north of Wal-Mart.

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The reason for the investigation

We spoke with our friend Pat Vincent who had told us that she used to work at the CSD building off of Elk Grove Blvd. She claimed that it is haunted and that those who worked there were afraid to go into the basement of the building. So the following week I called Priscilla, the super intendant of this building and informed her of what Pat had told me. I was surprised to hear that she completely agreed. She explained, “We have a couple friendly ghost but one we know of for sure is a man who we see walking in the hallways. Some of my co-workers have even seen him walk through walls!" I then asked her what he looks like, this is what she tells me" He is tall with a light brown hair that's flat top, he has on khaki pants and a plaid blue and white button up shirt. She then continues," There was custodians who use to work in the building and when we all first saw him she said it was her principle. The custodian use to go to the school here when she was younger. She told us that his name was Mr. Gage. When she would walk into the door at night to clean, she would talk to him and tell him that she was just working there. Then he would leave." When I mentioned the basement, Priscilla laughed and told me "It is really creepy down there, I think it's because of this old furnace that is down there. It's just creepy. "

We were asked to meet her Friday 7pm. She even wanting to do the investigation with us which we happily accepted.

(I know this is a lot to read but it an amazing story we are proud of!)

After our preliminary walk through, we talked to Kelly, an employee who had seen the male entity inside of the office on the west end of the building. We also talked to Priscilla; another employee had seen him in the office walking through a wall. She also told us she had him at the end of the hallway by the principles room. She had asked this male entity if he needed any help, thinking to herself that he was a real person. He stared blankly at her and walked right through the wall. She had explained that there have been several other people who have also seen him throughout the building.

Preliminary Personal Experiences:

While sitting in the car before our preliminary investigation, Felicia felt that there would be a stair case that led into the back part of the building, which looked like something out of the movie “Sixth Sense”. We thought the would be green and the floors would be an off colored tile As we entered the building Felicia was shocked to see the stairs that led from the back of the building look just like she imagined. We were amazed when we enter into the basement and saw a room with green walls and concrete floors. Felicia and I also thought that there was or should have been a dumbwaiter in the building but we could not find one. When we stood next to the boilers we felt a presence of a child that we believed to be a little girl. Felicia thought maybe there was a fire or a flood that could have happened. We decided not tell any of the other investigators. We wanted to see if they would get the same things.

During our investigation we split up into two groups; the first session Rhonda’s group went down into the basements while Regina’s Group investigated up stairs on the first floor

Team Rhonda (Lead) - Felicia, Judy, Paula and Sandra

Team Regina (Lead) – Ben and Greg( Pricilla the gate keeper, who let us into the entire building.)

Side note: During our investigation there was no public access to the building. We were locked in.

We set up in the conference room and I went over the history. Our sensitive’s and psychics wanted to test their skills, so Ben, Rhonda, Paula and Greg went outside to wait. When I was doen they came back in and we started the investigation.

7:45pm: Team Rhonda went down into the basements 1st basement with electrical wires and file cabinets, 2nd with boiler and freezer plus several rooms.

One part of the basement felt very creepy. This part of the basement had a long narrow hallway with file cabinets that line each side. We use the K2 meter and found that there were electrical wires running throughout the entire area. We also found a room towards the back that led up to some stairs into another small room. On the left hand side of the wall we found, to our surprise, a dumb waiter. We did a few EVP’s but did not get anything. At the big table were we sat, Rhonda had felt that there was a residual of a card game going on. We noticed that there was a lot of light play from the windows when the cars would drive by. We concluded that this section of the basement had no activity. We continued the investigation inside the boiler room. We did EVP’s along with the Frank Box. When Rhonda asked “where are we?” we got a response on the Frank Box of a man who said “Elk Grove”. We noticed a very strange interference while playing the frank box. We found that there had been a flood and that it was marked on an old meat locker freezer. Rhonda and I, Judy, decided to lock ourselves in the non- working freezer. We found an old trunk underneath a table inside the freezer and tried to use that as a trigger devise. It was very quiet in the meat locker but Felicia and Sandra had heard a male voice come from the boiler room. We walked out of the meat locker and into the boiler room. I left my recorder running and place it on the stairs. We walked outside to the other basement and let the recorder run. When listening to the play back it sounded as if people were working in the basement. There were noises of loud bangs and walking noises. While investigating the outside basement, the door was lock so we were unable to go inside. We took our flashlights shined it through the window and saw that in this basement there was tile flooring. It looked just as I had imagined. We asked later about the tile flooring and Pricilla informed us that it was used inside of the school. The floor now is covered in carpet. Personal Experiences: During the investigation with Rhonda’s group, both she and Paula picked up on a child. She felt as if the child had gotten punished for playing in the boiler room. Rhonda also picked up on a black man who had gotten burned in the face. In the basement we found there was a coal shoot. We don’t know if this had anything to do with it.

7:45pm: Regina’s group started upstairs started in conference room B. Before they entered the room, Ben was standing by the door and heard two male voices coming from inside conference room B. When he opened the door the voices stopped. They did a few EVP’s with no results but they did get some K2 hits, it was later debunked. The next location was in the large conference room. Greg thought he heard children and Ben felt someone push on his shoulder. No EVP’s were captured. They then went into the Principal’s office. There were strange K2 hits in the center of the room with no explanation. Regina was sitting at the desk in the chair and there was a loud bang that came from behind her. It was picked up on the recorder.

Regina’s group then went to the office at the west end of the building were the entity had been seen. While in the offices Ben saw an orange mist by the door. The orange mist may have been captured on photograph. Regina went into the office alone, were the entity had been seen. She did a few EVP’s and suddenly felt an electric charge on her arm. Meanwhile, Greg was in another room off to the left, he felt a very heavy feeling in the room as if someone unseen was inside the room with him.


We regrouped and went over our evidence.


Rhonda’s Group went upstairs and Regina’s group went into the basement.

Rhonda’s Team went to the west side of the building so Regina’s team, in the basement would not get interference from us walking above. We were at opposite end of the building.

Rhonda’s group had started in the office were the male entity had been seen. Felicia noticed the room off to the left. She did not want to go into in because she felt as if someone was in there. I walked towards the room and set my recorder down right outside the room. There were two rooms one that had a name tag “Eric” by the door and the other room, the creepy feeling room had no marking. Rhonda walked into the room and started her recorder. She asked if anyone was in the room with her. She then switching rooms and walked into “Eric’s” office. Felicia and I were looking at the window and had not noticed she moved rooms. We looked back to the creepy room expecting her to walk out of the room but then she came out of “Eric” room. Both Felicia and I were weirded out. We had thought she was still in the creepy room. It was very strange… I decided to leave my camera rolling and my recording face the creepy room. We left for 15 minutes.

We went into the room were the entity had been seen. We sat down and turned on the laser grid. We ran our recorders and asked several questions. Nothing was obtained from that room. We picked up the camera and recorder from the creepy office and walk to the opposite end of the hallway to the principal’s office. We noticed strange activity with the K2 which had only gone off in the center of the room. We tested the lights and the floor and all the electrical outlets. It was all normal except for the very center of the room. We then investigated the Hallway. Felicia and Sandra were at one end and Rhonda and I were near the principal’s office. We sat down and did some EVP’s we got a strange feeling in this area and we both got the chills as the temperature dropped. We turned on the laser grid and our recorders. Unrecognizable whispers were picked up.


Down in the basement Regina’s group had a light in one of the green rooms turn off by itself. The light switch was in the “on” position. They were unable to figure out why. Ben had gone through a hole in the wall that went underneath the school. He did a few EVP’s underneath the school. When he came out of the whole, he said he heard a child say “Help me”. They were un-able to figure out where the sound had come from. When we left the recorder in the hallway upstairs there was no one in the building. Yet on our EVP’S you hear someone or something clearly open a door and walk in the hall and out another door. The doors were locked and no one had access to the building. How do you explain something so strange? The answer is, take a walk in the building and you will experience the strange and bizarre as we have. You may even see this phantom spirit who walks halls of this once, old school.

Historical Information found

To sum up the History, we found that Raymond Case was a science teacher and Raymond Gage was an art teacher. They both worked together at EGHS for 2 years. Raymond Gage's wife, Margret worked at EG Elementary School when Raymond Case worked there as a Principle of the School. Were they associated? Who is the man that is haunting th location...still to be determind. We have pictures of both men and Margret so we shall see... Very cool to have the Hisorical information to back up the claims.

Detailed information on the School

The Elk Grove Grammer School is the first recorded public school in Sacramento County, the San Joaquin School, built in 1853 at what is now the intersection of Highway 99 and Grant Line Road. The first school with the name of Elk Grove was built in the 1860s a short distance north of the intersection of the present Elk Grove Boulevard and Highway 99. That building still stands at the old Foulks Ranch. The second Elk Grove school also stands, although somewhat lonely, on Frontage Road, north of Wal-Mart. The third Elk Grove school, known to generations as Elk Grove Grammar School, is the brick building that once housed the school district offices and is now Elk Grove Community Services. The brick structure was built in 1921 to serve the children from the old Elk Grove school, San Joaquin, Victory and the Jackson school. Elk Grove Elementary students moved to their new facility in December of 1992. The name, of course, comes from the town and the Elk Grove Hotel & Stage Stop of 1850. Yes, there was a grove of trees, a herd of tule elk may well have roamed through the grove, and there is evidence that Elk Grove's founder, James Hall, had lived in Elk Grove, Missouri before he came to California.

Raymond Case Information (The Principle, is the spirit seen walking the hallways)

Raymond and Lucile Case wed in September 1936. They both graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and taught in the Elk Grove area. Lucile taught at Dillard and Elk Grove Elementary schools. Raymond taught Physics, Chemistry and Physiology at Elk Grove High, where he was also a Boys Counselor. Raymond began the Photo Club, Science Club, and organized educational camping trips to Pacific Grove and Yosemite for the Science Club.

During his tenure at Elk Grove High, Raymond received his Administrative Credential by studying at Berkley on weekends. For a time they moved to southern California where Raymond taught for a year then became a principal. He progressed to teaching Chemistry, Physics, and Animal Anatomy at Cal Poly before he returned to Elk Grove as Principal of Elk Grove Elementary. For the 16 years he was principal, Lucile did substitute teaching at the school. Raymond's last four years were spent as a Science teacher at Elk Grove High. After his death Lucile went back to school at CSU Sacramento to study Reading Practices, using this skill as the Reading Specialist for Oak Ridge and Camellia Schools in Sacramento City School District.

Raymond and Lucile had two children, Jerry and Rona, with whom they shared their love of outdoor activities like gardening and camping. They were deeply involved in Scouting, and in their church. In addition, Raymond belonged to and was once president of the Phi Delta Kappa educational fraternity; founded the Community Educational Services which provided loans for students who needed financial help with foreign students to study locally. Lucile pursued her interests of reading and gardening by becoming a member of the Elk Grove Book Club, and a charter member of the Elk Grove Garden Club. In 1955 Raymond received the honor of being named "Citizen of the Year" by the Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce.

Elk Grove Citizen of the Year, the annual award recognition was begun in 1957. The

first recipient was Raymond Case, who at that time was the principal/superintendent of the Elk

Grove Elementary School and Distric

Margret Gage

Published: Thursday, March 25, 2010 4:06 PM PDT

Margret Hooper Coleman Gage, a former teacher at Elk Grove Elementary School, died March 16, 2010 at the age of 84. Fourth Grade 1961-1962 Mrs. Margaret Gage

Mrs. Gage was born May 23, 1925 in Trenton, N.J. where she grew up and graduated from Trenton State College.

She met her future husband, Raymond Gage during World War II at a Christian servicemen’s event at Fort Dix, N.J., and married him following the war. The couple moved to Sacramento where she taught elementary school at American Legion School.

Later they moved to Elk Grove, and she taught at Elk Grove Elementary School from 1960 to 1980. Her family said that many of her students remember her still as a favorite and caring teacher.

Mrs. Gage was a longtime member of Central Baptist Church in Sacramento.

She moved to Wilton to be with son Steve following the death of her husband, Raymond in 2003, and then moved to Portland, Ore. to be with her sons David and Glenn.

All three sons survive her, as do 10 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Mrs. Gage’s ashes will be placed at the gravesite of her husband at East Lawn Elk Grove Memorial Park.

One of her relatives wrote: I remember going over to Glenn's house all the time. Steven and David and Grama would be there. I cut off my little toe jumping into a go-kart Glenn and I built. That was smart. Cut it right off. Margret was my 4th grade teacher at EGES. I have photos in my mind of Margret and class. I remember the time but I do not have any photos on paper that I know of. Her class was on the end along the hall that lead to the bus yard. I think her class was on the west end and the play ground was on the south side of her class room. Raymond was my art teacher at Kerr and EGHS. I remember Ray and Margret well. They were great people and wonderful to know and be friends with. They are missed dearly.

Margret and Ray first met April 23, 1944

About Raymond Gage

This is a brief tour of the "Dragon House" in Sacramento located in the "Curtis Park" neighborhood. The level of detail is truly amazing and this house is very unique. Have you ever seen a tiled dragon or white tiger on the side of a house before? This house is located near the corner of 3rd Avenue and 22nd Street (on 22nd) in Sacramento. It's not hard to miss.

Raymonds son Stephan

“My father, Raymond Gage was bond raised here in Sacramento. Served in the army in WWII and graduated from Sacto State on the GI bill. He was the Art Deptartment head for Elk Grove High School from 1957-1975. The Dragon House is a wonderful legacy he has left all of us. I will be working to assure it remains and will be protected as a monument in Sacramento. He passed away in 2003.”

Gage, Margret Coleman wife

Kephart, Debra Lynn

Gage, Stephen L

Gage, Erma R

Gage, Tyler

About the first nurse who worked at the school

The Jones Family have been active, giving members of the Elk Grove community for nearly 100 years. Ira B. Jones came to Elk Grove from Missouri and Selma Jones came to Elk Grove from Sweden. In 1906 they purchased the Elk Grove Water Company and established what would become "the family business." The company grew and prospered under the Jones' hard work and good fortune. In 1910, the Great Western Power Company added electrical power lines in Elk Grove from Florin that helped the company to supply better water pressure and in 1921, a new 52,000 gallon stainless steel water tank replaced the original redwood tank just North of Elk Grove Boulevard (then Main Street).

In 1955, Ira was fatally injured while crossing Main Street on the way to the post office. He died at the age of 82. The reins of the water company were passed to his son, Marvin B. (Bud) Jones. Bud and his wife, Elizabeth Mary Jones, dedicated themselves to the community through the water business and a wide variety of community affiliations. Bud was an Elk Grove native, born in 1913. He was active in the Elk Grove Fire Department for more than 46 years as a fireman (1929), Fire Chief (1934), and later, a Director of the Fire District Board. He was Vice President of the Gibson Wine Company - working there 45 years - and served as President of the Elk Grove Merchants. He helped found a local bank and used his business skills as a member of the Elk Grove Community Advisory Committee to help community leaders plan for future commercial, residential, and industrial growth in the area.

Bud belonged to a number of service clubs in the community including the Elk Grove Masonic Lodge, Sacramento Scottish Rite, Ben Ali Temple of the Shrine, and Native Sons of the Golden West. He was a charter member of the Elk Grove Rotary Club. Prior to the school district unification, he also served on the school board at Elk Grove Elementary School. In 1975, Bud was recognized as Elk Grove's Citizen of the Year. Bud passed away in 1986.

Elizabeth Mary "Betty" Jones was born in Colorado in 1912 and moved with her family to Elk Grove in 1921. Betty graduated from Elk Grove Grammer School in 1927 and Elk Grove Union High School in 1931. She earned a diploma in 1934 from Mercy Hospital's Mater Misericordiae School of Nursing and worked in emergency rooms and as a surgical nurse for six years. She became a registered nurse in 1940. In the early 1950's, Elk Grove Elementary School Principal Raymond Case, persuaded her to become the first school nurse in Elk Grove - a position she held for 23 years. Besides her nursing career, Betty was active in the community as a Cub Scout den mother, Eastern Star, Elk Grove Fire Department Women's Auxiliary member, Rotary Club member, and a founder of the Elk Grove Western Festival. Betty passed away March 2, 2003 at the age of 90.

Betty and Bud are survived by their son J.B. Jones of Elk Grove and their daughter Kathryn Jones Adams of Stockton. J.B. assumed operation of the Elk Grove Water Works in 1973 when his father's health declined until the business was sold in December 1999 to the Florin Resource Conservation District. The Jones family initiated scholarships in honor of Bud and Betty in 1999 to help support graduating Elk Grove High School students and nursing students.

Questions to ask

Did Raymond Gage build anything or create art at the Elk Grove Elementary school.

Why did he leave Elk Grove High school?

Did Raymond Case’s Garden rip up? If not where is it?

Was there often a mistaken identity between the two men?

Was there unspoken controversy between the two men?

Why is there no record on file of the Elk Grove Elementary school.. was there any fires or floods?

How come there are no records of Raymond Case yet a school was named after him.

A widely acclaimed and accomplished science teacher at Elk Grove High School, Raymond Case served as principal of Elk Grove Elementary School in the 1950s. Under his leadership, the Parents Club became active in community affairs and started what is now known as the Western Festival. He also designed the gardens at the school at the brick building that now houses Elk Grove Community Services District. The beautiful camellias, rhododendrons, and azaleas that bloom there each spring are a tribute to his leadership. There now is Raymond Case Elementary, named after him that is located off of Shasta Lily Drive in Elk Grove California. According to Jim who attended the Elk Grove Elementary, there was not much historically written about the school other than Mr. Case's journals.

Further information found while looking through old year books of the Elk Grove High School was a picture of Raymond Case, science teacher who worked at Elk Grove High School 1965-1966.

After Raymond Case worked at Elk Grove High, he took over as principle of Elk Grove Elementary

The picture below of Mr. Raymond Case 1966.


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I've always found it hard to see how people can see so much details in ghosts. I've seen one but it was no way clear that I can make out like the color of its clothes, but maybe I have yet to see this?? But this is just based on my experience.

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I've always found it hard to see how people can see so much details in ghosts. I've seen one but it was no way clear that I can make out like the color of its clothes, but maybe I have yet to see this?? But this is just based on my experience.

I personal have only seen detail of a spirit once. I was working at a clients house and I looked towards the back door. There was a tall dark hansom man sitting in a chair leaning down petting 2 small dogs. A brown and white dog.I said "Hi" thinking this was a real man. He said "Hi" back. I looked away for a split second then looked back and he and his pooches were gone. The red headed client was standing at the door and asked me "Who are you talking too?" I was so confused but didn't want to sound crazy so I told him I was talking to him. So I think when that happens most people assume there of the living.

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