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10 Bizarre Ways a Volcano Can Kill You

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There are some rare and weird ways to die near a volcano. Did you know that a volcano can make your head explode? Or melt your face with hydrochloric acid? Here are 10 totally insane ways to die via volcano.


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Simbi Laveau

How very preturbing.

There are hot springs in Japan,that are too hot to swim in,because of this.

I would have to look up where they are.I dont know if they are heated by mt Fuji or not.

Back in the day,when missionaries went to Japan,the Japanese,for the most part ,wanted no part of Christianity.

Quite a few Christians were thrown into the boiling hot springs.

Now I know how they were heated !Learn something new every day. yay !

Edited by Simbi Laveau

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Scalding seawater - ouch!

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