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Venus Retrograde

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I Read Your Horoscope

With My Morning Coffee


It Would Say My Name

That Our Love Is


In The Stars

There Are Men Knocking On My Door (Homeless)

At 2:00 A.M.


Begging To Suck My Dirty Toes

Leaving Love Letters

In My Mailbox

I Slammed The Door In His Face

He Is Not You

And He Is Not You

I Squeeze My Feet Into High-Heels

Put Curls On Top Of My Head

Hike Up My Dress

We Talk About Truth

The Absolute And The Absent

I Look To See

If Your Eyebrows Raise

Pupils Dilate

Shoulders Push Back


In A Fighting Stance

(Boxers Protect Their Center Line

An Uppercut Will Snap The Neck

And Knock You Out


A Single Trickle Of Blood


And Drips

Onto The Newspaper

That Does Not Say Emily

Or Anything

About Our Love

My Love


My Love

This Is The Final Hour

The Second



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I like it. It makes me feel like I'm watching a scene from a film.

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