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Haunted Hornet

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Check out the Videos and the pictures!!


video of evidence

I entered the massive air craft carrier concerned about the cost. When I got up to the desk and told the lady who I was she pulled out a piece of paper. I was shocked to see the price written on the paper and about vomited. It said that for 11 adults and 2 kids, $296!!!! "Oh hell no" I thought. The lady looked at me and saw the look on my face, which said everything. She said "Let me refigure that for you, it seems a bit off." The new price she gave me came out to be $179. I looked at her and thanked her, maybe too much. I then went to my right were a few older men in docent suits were standing. "Is there a Bob over here, my names Judy and I think Bob is supposed to take my group on a tour?" Bob put out his hand and greeted me. We talked for a few minutes, while he was telling me the jest of our tour. I was excited because he to had not only worked on the ship for 8 years but he knew exactly were all the good hot spots were. He even took out his K2 and his recorder to show me! We gathered up the group and went down below deck. The long hallways hurt my already sore foot and I wondered if I would make it through the entire day. We first went down into sickbay where I had gone before on our first extension. This part looked a bit different though. He then told us that Zach and the boys from Ghost Adventures had investigated in the same room as us. The thought of that excited me knowing we too are professional ghost hunters always ready for the spooky things to come out in the dark. It wasn't dark though, it was in the middle of the afternoon. We went toward the beds where hurt military personnel would lay to get surgery and the K2 started going crazy! It would flash to red and go back down. We check the electrical wire to see if that caused the interference. Then Bob informed us that the whole ship is made out of metal and that it most likely could be that. So we moved on and eventual ended up in the admiral's conference room. I noticed off to my left that there was a separate room. In the room was a bed, this was the admirals bedroom. I started my recorder and bounced on the bed trying to get communication from the admiral. As I was recording Bob had said his K2 and flashlight was going on. We went into the conference room and sat down. Gina took the camera and we set up more flashlights around the room and K2's along with the recorders. It was nuts all the activity we got!!! Not just the flash light communication and the K2 but the fact that at one point I swear there was someone sitting next to Eric. So we put a K2 and flashlight next to him. I took pictures and picked up a strange anomaly in the photo. Not just once but twice, one picture was a white mist in the chair next to Eric which reflected onto the table. We were doing EVP'S when all of us heard footstep in the hall. Bob had said "Hello" in the hall but no one was there. It could have not been above us because we were at the top on the outside hand of the ship. A few minutes later Ben was taking Infrared video down the hall both Eric and I saw a moving white ball of light behind Ben. I thought it was a flashlight that Ben had, but he only had his camera which shined a red light. I could not explain it, none of us could. It was so cool that we had gotten anything during the day but we did. After investigating the conference room we moved out and went down into the diner area where the Navy men would eat. It was lunch time and Bob had told us that at lunch it seems the spirits are sitting in the chair. He was right because we put the K2's in several chairs and the K2 spiked. As we sat and had a conversation the K2's seem to respond to what was being said. As half the group was in the island of the ship Rhonda, Saundra, Bob and I escaped to go investigate the Brigg. We did not get anything in the Brig. We then went into another section of the ship, I don’t remember exactly were but it had beds. Bob had told us that the bunk we had been standing next to, a man had hung himself. Rhonda wondered off to the left and as she was over there we heard footsteps coming from behind lockers on the right hand side. We thought it was her but when she came to the left side, Bob and I looked at each other wondering if that was phantom footsteps. It was very odd.

I have to say that when we first went to the USS Hornet I did not believe it was that haunted. This experience completely changes my mind.

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