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Still Waters

British Mermaids

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Still Waters
While the controversial notion that the United Kingdom might actually be the home of living, breathing, flesh and blood mermaids will inevitably, and quite justifiably, be greeted by many with the rolling of eyes and loud hoots of derision, it is an undeniable and astonishing fact that such beliefs persisted for centuries.

And, particularly in those parts of the English county of Staffordshire - where the many and varied traditions and superstitions of times long past can still be found lurking - that belief actually, and incredibly, quietly continues and even thrives.

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Strange that Staffordshire would have mermaid tales seeing as it's landlocked. I was expecting Cornwall or Devon.

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I lived in Staffordshire Moorlands for many years, they are very proud of the mermaid! Here's a little bit more about it:


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