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Lack of Sleep Causes Overeating

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According to the article:

There are several key points here for any person trying to stay on a reduced calorie diet for weight loss purposes:

1) Get enough sleep each night or you will really struggle with cravings. Use enough sleep-helpful nutrients to assist you, as needed, to get that result.

2) If you do get a poor night’s sleep then understand that you will be at high risk for getting off your diet that day. Use extra energy-support nutrients early in the day to help offset the lack of sleep, otherwise you may find that you could not make it through the day without eating too much.


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Posted (edited)

The article doesn't go very deep into it, kind of makes it sound very cut and dried that if you just get enough hours that will do it.

Quality of sleep is a big factor, and people who are already overweight likely have sleep apnea and are not achieving deep sleep or are not staying asleep through the night even if they don't remember waking up. If someone has sleep apnea, number of hours asleep isn't going to matter :hmm:

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