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Simbi Laveau

Gang Robs 66 Homes,To Go To Maid Cafes

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Simbi Laveau


All male gang has been robbing homes in Tokyo ,since last October,to go to maid cafes,and AKB48 concerts.

The gang calls themselves FIVE GUYS,but has 9 members.

This would like....a bunch of jobless nerdy guys,ripping off homes in the USA,to get money to go to see Britney Spears and go to soft core gogo dancing clubs.

Ive heard of girls in Japan,prostituting themselves at business hotels,to make money to follow their favorite bands.

But AKB48 ? That's a total lol.

Britney is actually cooler than they are.They are really a concept.Its hard to explain ,so :


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The Unseen

Nothing special about Idiots doing Idiot things,But Come on,Britney isnt cool at all and her music sucks,JMO . AKB48 stinks too.But Didn't you know that the Japanese are kind of wierd anyway,They have Vending Machines that sell Used Womens Underwear.that should explain just how wierd and strange they are.JMO

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