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The Marcahuasi Project [Google Maps]

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Marcahuasi is a plateau in the Andes Mountains, located east of Lima, on the mountain range that rises to the right bank of the Rímac River. This mountain range dominates the landscape at 4,000 m above sea level. The location is on the list of Peru's Seven Wonders, because of its alleged mystical energy and historical relevance to a pre-Incan civilization. The main attractions for the few who visit Marcahuasi are the numerous rock formations with surprising likenesses to specific animals, people, and religious symbols. Also at the site are ruins of an ancient settlement or outpost.

The Marcahuasi Project is a project I started about a month ago, after I started reading up on more and more ancient sites all over the world. Fueled by my interest in the leylines theory, I started mapping all kinds of interesting locations - currently, the amount of sites mapped is 230.

Because Google Maps has a limit to dots viewed at the same time (that limit being 200) the project is currently divided into two pages, screenshots showing this.



The different colors stand for the following :


The cropcircles visible on Google Maps are indicated by the yellow markers, the green ones mark geoglyps such as the Nazca Lines, Uffington White Horse and the Cerne Abbas Giant.

The main goal of this project was to simply map as many ancient sites and ruins on it, so I could have a quick reference to them - each marker, when clicked, opens a pop-up with an URL to it's relevant wikipedia article, so you can read more about it.

However, it's becoming more and more hard to do this on my own. I visit a small, slow-traffic forum which I occasionally ask for help, but my main reason behind signing up on this site (which I've been visiting, and have an RSS feed on my phone - though I've never posted until now) was to ask you guys for help.

I currently am dying to fill in more sites in Africa, Northern Europe (Sweden, Norway, Finland) and China - they're bound to have ancient sites, I just can't figure out what and where. Keep in mind, though, it's not only megalithic structures - unexplained dissapearances like the Dyatlov Pass Incident , strange sounds like Bloop and Slowdown, and creepy sites related to Electromagnetic energy such as the Patomsky Crater are all on there aswell.

Here's the URL for the unfinished version so far.

I could really use your help on this.

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Thanks, these are awesome. Especially the UFO one - when I just started, I was actually considering adding UFO sightings, too. But now I can just cross-reference them with the ancient sites, perhaps there's some kind of connection. Who knows.

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Welcome to UM, I have a thread showing ruins and interesting 'stuff', you should check it out...

LINK-> http://www.unexplain...pic=207921&st=0

Oh wow, that thread is a gold mine. Thank you so much.

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