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The New Age is Leo, Not Aquarius


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The age(s) that we were/are said to be in are incorrect. For the age referred to is where the rays are hitting and not where the sun actually is located. By looking at the zodiacal band, just look at the sign across from the one we are said to be in.

Following the formula below, we are in Virgo and going into Leo.This list shows in italics the correct sign of understanding and the sign in parentheses is the sign we are incorrectly said to be in. I put in bold the age that we are in and the one we about to going into.

This is the order from the earliest known age to the one coming up in a few months:

Aquarius (Leo), Capricorn (Cancer), Sagittarius (Gemini), Scorpio (Taurus), Libra (Aries), Virgo (Pisces), Leo (Aquarius)

So, we are in the Age of Virgo (Virgin/Material/Dark Age) and going into the Age of Leo (Maturity/Spiritual/Golden Age)!




"There are two distinct systems of astrological philosophy. One of them, the Ptolemaic, is geocentric: the earth is considered the center of the solar system, around which the sun, moon, and planets revolve. Astronomically, the geocentric system is incorrect; but for thousands of years it has proved its accuracy when applied to the material nature of earthly things. A careful consideration of the writings of the great occultists and a study of their diagrams reveal the fact that many of them were acquainted with another method of arranging the heavenly bodies.

The other system of astrological philosophy is called the heliocentric. This posits the sun in the center of the solar system, where it naturally belongs, with the planets and their moons revolving about it. The great difficulty, however, with the heliocentric system is that, being comparatively new, there has not been sufficient time to experiment successfully and catalogue the effects of its various aspects and relationships. Geocentric astrology, as its name implies, is confined to the earthy side of nature, while heliocentric astrology may be used to analyze the higher intellectual and spiritual faculties of man.

The important point to be remembered is that when the sun was said to be in a certain sign of the zodiac, the ancients really meant that the sun occupied the opposite sign and cast its long ray into the house in which they enthroned it. Therefore, when it is said that the sun is in Taurus, it means (astronomically) that the sun is in the sign opposite to Taurus, which is Scorpio. This resulted in two distinct schools of philosophy: one geocentric and exoteric, the other heliocentric and esoteric. While the ignorant multitudes worshiped the house of the sun’s reflection, which in the case described would be the Bull, the wise revered the house of the sun’s actual dwelling, which would be the Scorpion, or the Serpent,the symbol of the concealed spiritual mystery.

The sun is often symbolized with its rays in the form of a shaggy mane. Concerning the Masonic significance of Leo, Robert Hewitt Brown, 32°, has written:

“On the 21st of June, when the sun arrives at the summer solstice, the constellation Leo – being but 30° in advance of the sun – appears to be leading the way, and to aid by his powerful paw in lifting the sun up to the summit of the zodiacal arch. (...) This visible connection between the constellation Leo and the return of the sun to his place of power and glory, at the summit of the Royal Arch of heaven, was the principal reason why that constellation was held in such high esteem and reverence by the ancients. The astrologers distinguished Leo as the ‘sole house of the sun,’ and taught that the world was created when the sun was in that sign. ‘The lion was adored in the East and the West by the Egyptians and the Mexicans. The chief Druid of Britain was styled a lion.’” (Stellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy.)

When the Aquarian Age is thoroughly established, the sun will be in Leo, as will be noted from the explanation previously given in this chapter regarding the distinction between geocentric and heliocentric astrology. Then, indeed, will the secret religions of the world include

once more the raising to initiation by the Grip of the Lion’s Paw. (Lazarus will come forth.)" - Manly P. Hall; Zodiac and Its Signs, The Secret Teachings of All Ages


"It is well for us also to consider the "grip of the lion's paw", one of the world's oldest symbols of initiation, in ancient times the neophyte on his way through the mysteries of Egypt's temples was finally buried in a great stone coffer for the dead, later to be raised to life again by the master initiate in his robes of blue and gold. When the candidate was thus raised, the grand master wore upon his arm and hand the paw of a lion as a glove, and it was said of the newly raised disciple that he had been brought to life by the "grip of the lion's paw." The Hebrew letter yod (which issued in the center of the triangle and is sometimes symbol of spirit because of its flame-like appearance) means, according to the cabalist, a hand that is stretched forth. We understand this to symbolize the sun, spirit in man which is said to be enthroned in the sign of Leo, the lion of Judah. And as the fruits of the fields and the seedlings are grown and developed through the sun's rays, so it is said that the crystallization of man is broken up and dispelled by the light of the spiritual sun which raises the dead with its power and liberates the latencies of life. The spirit in man, with its eyes that see in the dark, is ever striving to lift the lower side of his own nature to union with itself. When the lower man is thus raised from materiality by the higher ideals which unfold within his own being, it is said that the spirit of light and truth has raised the candidate for initiation by the "grip of the lion's paw."" - Manly P. Hall, Occult Anatomy of Man

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This has nothing to do with personal horoscopes. This is intended only for metaphorical purposes with regards to ages.

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Aren't the signs based on what is visible from Gizah Plateau between the paws of the Sphinx on Spring Equinox?

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Isn't this really a point-of-view question? I mean, age of leo may be a valid point of view, just as well as the age of aquarius. Maybe they're two sides of a single coin.

Are you familiar with white and black magic? I've red that pentagram with a single tip pointing upward is a good symbol while the two-tips upward is a destructive position. I dont know about Wiccas and satan-worshippers but I believe they have this concept, and at least Onmyo of Japan (of which much is said to have originated from tibetan or chinese monks) has these concepts.

Regarding this, I just thought that since masonic order seems to be a destructive, malignant one, following the logic of pentagram, wouldn't it be logical that it turned the sky upside down in it's search for evil energies and omens and whatnots? Anyhow, be careful what views you adopt as believes in this matter, because it might be that they'd have you follow their lead like this all along. You can see the symbol itself more completely when you become more aware of the views and standing points of those views, points of look-out.

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"This is the dawning of the...New Age...of Leo..." is the correct phrase of where we're headed in the astrological epoch, because Virgo isn't the beginning after all - instead it is Pisces!

The debate is whether the Aquarian age of openness and understanding, is more about maturity and spirituality, they happen to be the opposite side of the zodiac determines an age.

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Although the Sun is in Leo, the Earth portrays the complimentary sign. We are affected by Leo, but the Earth itself is in Aquarius. That is what is considered the Astrological age, not what sign the sun is in. We must consider the geocentric system since Earth is the planet we live on. If you review the process of human progression, you will see that the order Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, and Aries is correct. I will say your half right since Earth is affected by the Sun immensely, So we are The Age of Aquarius with the influence of Leo. Also consider Leo is the 5th sign of the zodiac, humanity is number 5. This is the age in which humanity has started with and represents. The last age we will experience is Virgo, the 6th sign. from 5 to 6. hmmmm, I wonder what will represent 6? It's really obvious.

Edit: It's bugs, as soon as humanity's reign is over, our souls will be reincarnated as insects. I may seem crazy, but this is the truth. Meditate and you will see. Also consider the Pixar Theory.

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