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(Video) Understand what evolution really is

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We all know there are a lot of misconceptions about evolution. As we read around this section of UM it's obvious many think it's one thing when it's really something completely different. Some say things like "we've never witnessed evolution actually taking place" or "evolution takes to long for us to observe it". But the truth is we do observe it all the time. Sone say things like "apes turned into humans spinanuously" which also isn't true. Anyone that says "no animal can turn into another animal" is basically saying "I don't really know what evolution is". Which strikes me as a contradiction when they say they don't believe in something that they really don't know what it is.

Anyway, I found this video that I think explains it rather well. No, it's not the most complete explanation. But it cuts to the chase as far as pointing out the common misconceptions about it.

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